Joy, movie review

The trailer for this movie made me expect a choppy movie full of exaggerated scenes. Hence, I never saw it in the theater. My opinion, the person who made the trailers should be fired. The story line it portrayed, was nothing like the actual movie. I finally decided to watch it when it came out on HBO and I happened to click to a channel airing it.

Turns out the story is an underdog story, one I think many women can relate to. Most of us have at one point or another, felt overwhelmed by our circumstances, which the main character definitely experiences. She’s taking care of not only her kids, but her parents-who are divorced, and even her ex. None of them are really there for her when she needs it, and refuse to accept responsibility when things fail due to their actions.

This movie is a great drama for anyone who has goals that they’ve given up on and want that extra bit of inspiration. What makes it even better is the fact its based on a true events. Overall, a well put together movie worth seeing if you haven’t already.



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