Storks, movie review

I thought this would be mostly a kid movie, not much in it for adults. When the reviews came out and I saw the numerous one star reviews, I figured I was correct. Until I started reading the reviews. For the most part, the movie either got a four or five star, or a one start. People either hated it or loved it. Why? Well, the haters, were literally hating it for one reason. For thirty seconds, in a sequence where random couples are flashed across the screen, a few are same sex couples. Its not something I would have even noticed if I hadn’t read the reviews and been watching for it.

So ignore those idiots. I’ve seen films do much more in your face political messages than this movie did. It didn’t even feel like a political message. In this movie, you can have a baby the normal sexual way, or you can order one from a stork. Gee, I wonder which couples are going to need the storks more? I’m surprised more of the couples weren’t same sex.

So, my rant done with that. What did I think of this movie? The humor worked well. The jokes I didn’t laugh at, the kids in the theater laughed at. So the humor was spot on. The plot was good, had a few twists, some predictable, some not. The ending, where the bad stork gets his just desserts for his behavior, could have been handled better. I wasn’t a fan of him just **spoiler** dying.  It would have worked better if he’d realized the error of his way and showed some sort of reform rather than a revenge type ending.

Other than that, I had no complaints. It’s a sound movie, full of comedy for both adults and children. All ages should enjoy it.



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