Trolls, 2016 movie review

This actually wasn’t as good as I was expecting. I guess the hype had built it up a little too high. I was expecting something on the Shrek or Lego movie level. This fell more in the, Rapunzel realm, if any of you can remember that movie.

A bunch of clueless, overly idiotic trolls, are being eaten by large ogre type giants known as the Bergens, because eating them makes the ogres feel happy. The moral of the story is some version of instead of taking drugs to feel good, you need to go out in the world and find real happiness. But the kids who are going to enjoy the barrage of color and song, aren’t going to get the message. If anything, kids are now going to try to eat their toy trolls. I mean, when I saw this was the plot, I was horrified. Why make a movie about eating cute innocent trolls? Talk about a dark movie, that is trying to not be dark by throwing lots of glitter and songs into the mix.

Most of the songs are remakes, and I didn’t feel any of the singers were getting a chance to sing to their full potential. Anyone could have sang the tunes and sounded just as good—thanks to auto-tune.

The animation was entertaining. Everything looked so fuzzy. And it was amazing to see how things came to life, landscapes turned into creatures, it was similar to something from a Dr Seuss book. And the little trolls totally looked like the toys—yes there was obvious marketing going on and I expect there is a brand new line up of toys hitting the shelves.

It’s hard to say what age group of kids will enjoy the film. I heard kids asking questions and being confused, so to me the movie tried to appeal to too wide of an age range and ended up not working well for any age. No kids in the theater seemed overly bored, but none were excited to be there either.

My suggestions on seeing this movie, if you are going to go, see it in 3D so you can get the full enjoyment out of the animation, since that’s really all the movie has going for it.

Overall, this is a skip it movie.


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