Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, movie review

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this movie, since I thought the Harry Potter movies were just okay, and I hadn’t read any of the books. Turns out, that as a person walking in and watching this movie with little to no background knowledge, the film was still enjoyable. Now, it was annoying that people were referenced in such a way that the name was supposed to hold meaning, but no explanation was given. I’m sure if you’d read the books, these little moments would mean more to you, but if you haven’t, it just falls flat. It’s like hearing references to President Lincoln, but having no idea who he is. I get why they made it the way they did, though.

I didn’t expect to like this movie, but I actually did. The plot was good, there was even a twist. The effects were amazing, and the characters were some of the most well developed I’ve seen in a while. So yes, I would say if you enjoy a good fantasy tale with some magic, this is a good one to go see.


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