Hacksaw Ridge, movie review

This movie takes a different approach than most war movies that have come out lately. It took a step backwards in production value and came off as something that reminded me of M*A*S*H. The special effects were quite cheesy and something that was obviously done in a studio warehouse. The explosions were exaggerated and the CGI obvious. Its something that would fly twenty years ago, but not now. People have higher expectations. I mean, it was so bad, it was distracting me. I wasn’t cringing at the bodies being torn apart, I was rolling my eyes and trying not to laugh at how it came off so obviously fake. And that was a real bummer, because the story was truly something that had meaning. I didn’t want to laugh, I wanted to cry, but the movie just didn’t bring me in good enough. This was not Revenant, it was more cheesy horror movie. There was some moments where I thought the story was going to get deep, but instead the most strange and absurd comments would be made. If you’ve seen a Mel Gibson movie lately, you’ll likely know what I mean. Every time that happened, I was like, “Oh that’s Mel letting his insanity slip out.” I laughed at those scenes, but it felt wrong too. Not sure why a movie would want to put their audience in such a situation.

So, do I recommend seeing this movie? Hard to say. Its an okay war movie, and I think I’ve given you a good idea of what to expect. But no, overall I can’t recommend it. There are better war movies out there. Even though I did love the story this movie told. I’m hoping someone else will write Desmond T. Doss’s story and do a better job.


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