Collateral Beauty, movie review

I expected this movie to be sad, but not to the extreme that it was. I was pretty much crying the entire time. So, the trailers led me to believe the three people playing the part of Love, Time, and Death are actual supernatural people who come to visit a man who wrote them letters. The movie however, took a different direction and showed them as actors who were hired to convince the man he has lost his mind. But then as the film goes, and the ending comes into play, I was back to my original conclusion that they were supernatural. Honestly, I’m just not sure. But that adds to the mystery of the film, and the puzzlement of what is real and what isn’t.

Love, Time, and Death are hired by three business partners who work with the man who is still in mourning over the loss of his daughter. They need to prove his mental incompetence in order to sell the business and save it. He owns the controlling shares. Yes, this is a horrible thing for his friends to do, but their anguish over having to do this is shown and helps for it to be done in a manner that doesn’t make the audience member overly hate them. And as you peel the onion back, you discover that the pairings of which partner is mentoring which hired actor has more meaning than you initially see.

To me, this was a great movie. It triggered an emotional response and sparked an intellectual puzzlement in me. Not to mention the amazing acting by the entire cast.


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