Star Wars, movie review

I’m hesitating to write a review for this one because I’m sure there are lots of opinions and reviews already being circulated. Plus this is a movie people are likely going to feel very strongly about. So I’m going to start with this. I am not a die hard Star Wars fan that has memorized tons of things. I am merely a movie goer who went to see a film and judged it off that. It’s a movie.

This film to me, felt too much like fans trying to take a trip down memory lane. And really, that’s what it is. Fans of the original movie trilogy created this film.

So trying to put it aside the fact it felt like fan fiction, and view it as a plain old movie… it still fails. The first hour I was pretty bored. There are a lot of shots where you are just staring at the main character. She says nothing. The camera just stays on her serious face. Makes things move a bit slow. There is action, there are special effects, there are even some cameos from the original films.

Is it worth seeing? Sure, it’s an okay movie. Is it worth seeing over and over? No, but after you see it once I’m sure you’ll be able to gauge that on your own. And yes, seeing it in the theater would be advisable since there is a bit of action at the end of the film–where large ships that are apparently made of glass–collide and explode.


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