Passengers, movie review

I wasn’t so sure I would enjoy this movie. Two people alone in space? How entertaining can that be. I mean, “The Martian” managed to pull it off and that was a movie with only one person in it, but could it be done again? Were these actors as good? Turns out the answer is yes.

Now this movie may not be as action packed as some are hoping. But it is very similar to “The Martian” in the little quips of humor and the struggle to survive when things go awry. I don’t want to say too much and give away the plot, because the plot is slightly different than the trailer leads you to believe. And this plot twist is one that shouldn’t be spoiled for anyone planning to see the movie.

The acting is very intense, well done by the entire cast. The science fiction is well thought out and realistic. In my opinion, the experience the characters are going through is something may of us can relate too. The ending does a nice job of bringing everything full circle and providing closure.


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