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The Space Between Us, movie review

I didn’t realize when I was heading in to see this movie that Gary Oldman was in it. I’m a long time big fan. As I was watching the film, at first I thought he was carrying the movie. The other actors weren’t performing on nearly the same level. He was overacting them on a massive scale. Sadly, this seemed to hurt the film more than help it, because it made the subpar acting quality of everyone else stand out more. If they had all be giving the same performance, I doubt I would have noticed anything.

Aside from that acting problem, the story was good. I liked the plot premise and the age old story of “the grass is always greener on the other side.” Some things didn’t add up or make sense at first, but by the end of the film it did, or at least came close enough satisfy me.

I wouldn’t add this to any must see lists, but if you are a fan of science fiction with a touch of romance, then you will likely enjoy this quaint little film.

Resident Evil: Final Chapter, movie review

To prepare myself for seeing this movie, I went through and watched all five of the movies before it. Yup, there are six total. I was a huge fan of the first one. I loved how the side characters actually got roles, backgrounds, and a part in the movie. Something you don’t always see in a horror movie where those side characters really exist just to die in gruesome ways.

Sadly, that idea didn’t uphold as the series progressed. Movie 5, was actually so close to a video game that my husband and I cracked jokes the entire time. “Side quest!” “Computer quest buddy quest.” “Those are respawn points.” “Oh, he’s an elite.” “That’s a level up boss.” “She got upgrade gear!” “Quest reward!” Yeah, it was weird.

This movie, “Final Chapter.” Tried to go back and be more like a movie, but the story line went all over the place. Each movie gave an opening to the reason why the T-virus existed. And each movie changed the origin story and the science behind how the virus worked. I hated the inconsistencies and didn’t understand why they kept changing it. Why make a series if you aren’t going to obey the rules set forth in the previous movie?

So this was a, anything goes movie, with a plot like the Saw movies, where we explore new and fun ways to kill people. Someone will die at every trap. It’s a must and the only true thing this series upheld through the entire story line. So the movie is, unpredictab—no wait, it’s not. I figured out pretty early on where they were going with the origin of Alice and it really just messed with the plot line given in the firm movie even more.

Should you see this movie? If you enjoy action scenes with lots of blood, guts, and gore. Yes, go see this film. If you get annoyed at movies who don’t follow the rules of physics or logic, then no, steer clear.

The LEGO Batman Movie, movie review

Most of us enjoyed “The LEGO movie” from 2014. The surprise twist where it all turns out to be a kid playing with his toys is really what makes the movie go from just a silly story to sell toys, to something much more.

I went to the sequel, “LEGO Batman” wondering if I would find the same unique twist. Let me start by saying there is not one. So I was a bit sad at this. The movie really is just the toys going on an adventure, nothing bigger to be told. Now that doesn’t mean the plot isn’t good. There are tons of jokes and the story line is still both hilarious and meaningful. Both adults and children seemed to be entertained for the entire movie, all ages, from what I observed.

And the best part, the little characters look exactly like the toys. Exactly. So parents, be prepared to buy some toys after seeing this film.

Split, movie review

I’m not a fan of every M. Night Shyamalan movie, I doubt anyone is, but this is one of the better ones. The plot does move a bit slow and go for the suspenseful feel, but there is a constant twist of unpredictability that keeps the audience engaged. As with any horror type movie, there are moments where the characters on the screen are making mistakes that you, the audience, know will lead to disaster. I reminded myself that the women kidnapped were teenagers, so their mistakes are understandable because they are kids who don’t know any better.

Overall the film is highly original, and most of the plot twists are hard to see coming, minus the failed attempts the girls make at trying to escape. The end of the film has a scene that might confuse some if you aren’t familiar with M. Night Shyamalan‘s past works. Bruce Willis makes an appearance and there is a reference to a movie he starred in previously, “Unbreakable,” which was also done by M. Night Shyamalan. This might make some think there is a sequel in the works, but in reality I think it means “Split” was the sequel.