The LEGO Batman Movie, movie review

Most of us enjoyed “The LEGO movie” from 2014. The surprise twist where it all turns out to be a kid playing with his toys is really what makes the movie go from just a silly story to sell toys, to something much more.

I went to the sequel, “LEGO Batman” wondering if I would find the same unique twist. Let me start by saying there is not one. So I was a bit sad at this. The movie really is just the toys going on an adventure, nothing bigger to be told. Now that doesn’t mean the plot isn’t good. There are tons of jokes and the story line is still both hilarious and meaningful. Both adults and children seemed to be entertained for the entire movie, all ages, from what I observed.

And the best part, the little characters look exactly like the toys. Exactly. So parents, be prepared to buy some toys after seeing this film.


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