Power Rangers, Movie Review

This is a hard one for me to write a review of. I never watched the original series or the movies. So I am judging this movie solely on the fact it’s a movie. I cannot compare it all to the original. And I imagine fans of the original will have a completely different opinion on how the movie was done.

So gone is the bright colors. The uniforms have been toned down to be darker, much like how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remake made things darker. And I’m not just talking the clothes they wear are darker, majority of the movie is at night, and the plot is much more morose.

The kids are all flawed and experiencing personal struggles in their lives. This grounds the characters and makes them very relatable. One has a dying mother, another is an injured sports star, a third has autism, the fourth backstabs her cheerleader friends, and the fifth is even hinted at being gay. They are each a different race as well, the movie practically screamed diversity in every way it could. But they didn’t put that fact in the spotlight or make the movie about the different races or backgrounds. Which is what made it work the best. Yes, the one is autistic, but everyone treats him like one of the team, he isn’t treated special or differently because of it. Great lessons to be found in the script for sure.

The acting of the five power rangers was the best part of the whole movie. They did so good, the adults who are well known actresses/actors seeme to be phoning it in. I don’t know if they were told to act cheesy, but that’s how it came off. Almost like they were told to speak and act like the power rangers did in the original, whereas the teenagers were acting like normal people.

All in all, a good action film. Not sure I would take my kids to it, the movie is very dark and people die. But if your children are okay with that, then go for it. I’d say its on par with the violence seen in most Marvel Comic movies, like Thor and the Avengers. No blood is seen, but corpses are.

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