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Gifted, movie review

This movie stays grounded so deeply in reality that it makes one wonder if it’s based on true events. I can assure you it’s not, but something like this could easily be imagined as occurring.

The acting quality of the child star is amazing. She does a full range of emotions, unlike the adults who all seem to be channeling characters I’ve seen them do in other films.

That aside, everyone seems to give this movie their all. The cat star cinched the deal on the emotional aspect of things and leads to a few teary eyed moments.

Overall this is a good drama. It’s a bit drawn out in some scenes where the father-daughter bonding is shown, but that may just be me. And if you’ve seen a movie involving custody battles and foster homes, this film may come off a bit predictable.

I’d suggest it as rental, or wait a few years and it’ll be on lifetime or the hallmark channel… where it will be much more at home.