The 15:17 to Paris, movie review

It used to be a movie made by Clint Eastwood was bound to be good. He was even one of the directors that you could count on to act well in a movie he was also directing, a talent not many actor/director combos can do.

Alas, everyone has a fumble, or in this case, it might simply be time for Mr. Eastwood to retire. My best guess is that he didn’t actually direct this movie, and instead just gave his seal of approval while someone else was on the filming stage on the day to day basis.

The acting was poor. The dialogue poor. It’s no surprise that regular people were cast in the movie. I would have sent the main three to a few acting classes, just to help the end product be a bit better. (Yes, I know they cast the real life people who were on the train, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach them to act.) Even the recognizable actors didn’t do a very good job though, so I’m not sure what happened.

The film tried to make up for the lack of acting, plot, and creative dialogue, by shooting events on location. Some of the military scenes were done on the military base I work, and I can vouch that they did indeed hire military members to play the military roles. The overseas scenes appeared to be shot on location as well, so in that aspect I’m impressed. But also confused. Why go through all the trouble to shoot on location if you aren’t going to spend the money to hire decent actors and writers?

Overall, this is a movie I strongly discourage anyone from seeing. It should have been a straight to tv movie at best, and even then, it would have only got one airing and never been seen or heard of again. It’s not even bad enough to be good, like Sharknado.


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