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Super Troopers 2, Movie Review

As a film funded by crowdfunding, one can’t judge it too harshly. I believe fans will be pleasantly pleased when they attend the feature.

I would suggest viewing the first movie again before seeing this sequel, for there are several references to the original that otherwise might be missed. The most impressive part was how much of the original cast was able to make an appearance, even the actors/actresses who only had a scene or two in the first film.

There are plenty of jokes for everyone, no matter your taste in humor, but yes, some might be a bit crude, just like in the first movie.

The only part I didn’t like was the ending. The whole romance bit, good girl, no she’s a bad guy, oh no, she’s a good guy, has been a bit overdone. It would seem writers think that having the female love interest be an undercover cop is pure gold.  “She can be a good guy pretending to be a bad guy, pretending to be a good guy!” Yeah, no, that’s dumb and overdone, please stop.

Otherwise I have no real complaints. If you liked the first one, you’ll like the second one.

Rampage, Movie Review

Movies with Dwayne Johnson are hit or miss. Usually, I only like them if he is paired with a good comedian. He was not paired with such a person in this film, so needless to say, I wasn’t a big fan.

So the positive thing I have to say is the movie’s special effects were very good. The monsters were great to look at, very creatively done. So if you are wanting to watch a movie that requires no brain power, and you just want to chill and watch monsters fight, then this is the movie to go see.

So the bad. The plot was very poor. The stereotypes were abundant and eye rolling. At times I felt like I was watching an animated kid’s cartoon, because everyone’s personalities and motives were so exaggerated beyond belief. And really, nothing made sense.

What drove me the most crazy was the fact the ape only got a little bigger. The wolf, got way bigger and got mutant powers, same with the alligator. Why did the ape not get mutant powers? Why did the ape stay so small compared to the others? In their original sizes he would have been bigger than them, so why was he not bigger than them in monster form?

The questions abound in this film, so trust me, the only way to enjoy it, is to turn your brain off and just watch the fun CGI animals attack things.

Truth or Dare, Movie Review

I took a gamble with this movie. The trailer make it hard to get a good feel for if it would be good or bad.

I will say the gamble paid off, the movie is one of the best horrors I have seen in a while.

Unlike most horror movies, the logic behind the curse makes sense. Its actually a well thought plot. And once you realize its a trickster behind everything, the dares start to make more sense. The demon or trickster is intentionally doing things to people to cause angst in their lives and get the most entertainment from their suffering as it can.

The acting was also impressive. I mean, some weren’t being given the best lines or material to work with, but they made it work surprisingly well. Much better acting than normally seen in a scary movie.

The film isn’t overly filled with gore either. The camera is usually titled away when the true gore would be visible. The creepiest part is really the extra big smiles on people’s faces.

In all, the movie reminded me of horror movies from the 90’s like “Scream.” And I would strongly recommend it if you enjoyed those movies or horror/scary movies in general.

A Quiet Place, movie review

So this movie is both amazingly good and horribly bad.

First, some generals. I was expecting something similar to “Signs” but with the characters not speaking. Sure enough, I was spot on with this. Little clues lead up to an unlikely hero figuring out how to defeat the alien invaders, much like in Shyamalan‘s “Signs.”

The acting, is spot on, for both the children and adult actors. This alone carried a lot of weight in the film. If the actors didn’t sell the story as well as they did, the reviews for this movie would not be as good as they are.

Was there ever a “scare me into jumping” moment during the movie, no. Did I ever tear up, meh, not really. They were really trying to pull at the heartstrings, and in some ways the characters are very relateable.

But here’s where things start to slide downhill. In a story of the supernatural, a writer has to be careful in setting the ‘rules’ of this world. If you explain things in too much detail, the audience is going to expect everything to be explained. And if you skip over items, it stands out like a throbbing red thumb. This movie tries to give us some science and nitty gritty details on this world and how things work. But they skipped over one BIG GLARING item, which drove me crazy the entire film.

These alien hunters, hunt by sound. They are blind. They can’t smell. They can’t sense warm or cold objects by touch. They can only hear. When their pray makes a sound they are running with amazing precision to the target, which they agilely swoop up and kill. They are shown to have very extensive ears and extremely good hearing.

Well, they aren’t shown to have any sort of echolocation skills like bats. Maybe they did, they do make a clicking noise, so that may have been an attempt to show that they do, but anyone who knows how echolocation works, can tell it isn’t being portrayed right. So to me, the first problem is, how are these creatures not running into everything? They aren’t stumbling around like a blind mole, feeling their way toward the sound. They are full out running, faster than a cheetah. Who runs that fast when they are blind? They also completely lose their prey if they stop making sound. So, they can hear a glass break from miles away, but not a heartbeat when they are two feet away?  And again, how are they moving around objects, and not  bumping into them, yet can’t figure out objects in the room are moving? (If they had the echolocation they would “see” the person moving and it wouldn’t matter if they made a sound, right?) Not to mention how exhausting it must be for these creatures to be darting around to attack every little thing the wind knocks over.

(I jokingly tried to convince myself they weren’t hunting anyone. They just wanted people to be quiet and when they weren’t, it pissed them off so they would run up and kill them, lol.)

And that is just my issue with the aliens. How the humans have decided to survive in this quiet world is even more unbelievable. They know a river can hide their sounds, but meh, there’s no reason to live near that river. Let’s instead plant corn all the way around our house so if we happen to walk into it, the creatures will hear us. We can’t plant a quieter variety of crop, heaven forbid. And sound proof the house? Let’s wait until we are expecting a baby, and then only do one room. I could go on, but you get the point.

Is the movie entertaining? Yes. But more in a, let’s make fun of way. This would be a good rental to watch with friends. I’d suggest not seeing it in the theaters, because it can be a pain to keep quiet for that long. Its a much better movie to watch while chattering away with your friends.

Ready Player One, Movie Review

I’ll start by saying, I have not read the book this movie was based on. Those I know who have read it, tell me the book is vastly different. No car race, no “The Shining” movie, and the character’s don’t get together in real life until after they win the game.

So, judging this movie simply as a movie. My impression was that instead of trying to be original, the film grabbed fan favorites from other movies and put them in this film. When the audience would see something they enjoyed from a previous film, it would give them the nostalgic feel they felt from the other film, tricking the viewer into thinking they were enjoying this film. No one left the theater saying, “wow what a great plot.” They were leaving, chattering about the things they saw that reminded them of their childhood. Perhaps, this is due to the butchering the plot endured in the translation from book to movie.

To me, it seemed too much time was spent on adding little bits and pieces from other films and attaining their copyrights, rather than just trying to make a good movie.

The special effects are done well. And if you are planning to see the film, you should try to see it in theaters, so you can appreciate the artistic endeavor.

For the target audience, its really hard to say. There are pop culture items from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and modern day. So there will be items for everyone. Obviously, to get the most out of it, I would say someone born in the early 70s, who would have grown up during majority of the pop culture items.

Overall, its worth seeing. But there are some plot holes that exist due to the poor book to movie translation. So when you watch it, try not to think too much and instead just enjoy the fun adventure.

Sherlock Gnomes, movie review

I watched “Gnomeo & Juliet” again before I went to see “Sherlock Gnomes.” I assure you, such measures are not needed. The movie stands fine on its own.

The theme of this film is about relationships and taking one another for granted. A good plot for a sequel where the first movie was a romance. The trailer shows scenes and jokes that are not in the actual movie, so that was a bit odd. But the plot still follows what the trailer says, various gnomes are kidnapped and Sherlock helps to find them.

The movie does extend the whole “gnomes coming to life” and veers into an almost Toy Story kind of universe, where toys now come to life and interact with the gnomes.

There’s really not much more to say. There were some good jokes. The plot kept well to a Sherlock Holmes mystery, by adding in some twists and making it hard to figure out who the bad guy is. I was mildly entertained. It didn’t have quite the emotional punch the first movie did, but this one isn’t based on a romantic tragedy, so its to be expected.