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Instant Family, movie review

I was expecting this movie to be more funny and less of a drama than it turned out to be. Yes, it has lots of comedic moments, but the meaning behind the movie is not being advertised. There are a lot of special messages and negative stigmas related to adoption covered in this film.

I myself felt more educated about the whole adoption/foster parent ordeal than ever before. I didn’t know there were adoption fairs to help parents meet available kids. Or that there is an orientation course foster parents must attend, which can then be followed by a support group. The span of problems a couple can encounter when adopting a child is far reaching, and this movie did a good job, in my opinion, of covering as many as possible.

From the teen wanting to be with her real mom, to the younger siblings taking to the foster parents and not wanting to see the real mom. It all felt “real” and anyone who has been around adopted kids, or even blended households with step children, can relate to issues seen in this film.

The acting from all the people involved, child and adult is right on par. Great casting job. The movie keeps things light, but isn’t afraid to touch on the dark-emotional issues too. It kept everyone feeling human and real. I dare anyone to see this movie and not find a character or scene relate to their life.

So I give the movie a must see now review! It has something for everyone.

Edge of Tomorrow, movie review

I avoided this movie when it first came out, due to the main actor and the plethora of science fiction movies he was doing at this time. However, while trapped on a long flight, I found myself with nothing better to do than watch it.

And I am glad I did. It’s not every day you get to see Tom Cruise act like a coward and attempt to defect from the military. I quite enjoyed this new side of him and got to experience a refreshing taste of his true acting potential.

The plot is also highly original. I can’t say much about it without giving it all away. But it’s interesting to see how a person copes when forced to relive the day of their death over and over. And then add in aliens invading earth and you def have a hit.

So if you were like me and were avoiding this film, take my advice and go see it!

Beautiful Boy, movie review

I knew from the trailer this was going to be a slow paced movie. And yes, I saw it was two hours long and totally checked my watch a few times as I was watching it. As other reviews will tell you, the acting is superb, for all involved. The message is also a good one, it’s promoting awareness about drug abuse and might open the eyes of some people who didn’t already know of the problem and for those whose lives have been affected by drugs, it might be a nice, “you aren’t alone” kind of message.

My compliments end there.

The story is a mash up of two books, one wrote by the dad, the other by the son (drug user). Maybe the books tell the tale better. This movie seemed like a jumble of scenes that no one bothered to put in a sequential order. There were flashbacks, time jumps, and I had no idea what was the present timeline. If there was one.

The son’s life appeared to cover 4-6 years, based off rehab and sobriety time references. But the younger siblings never aged, they appeared the same age every time they were shown, so it was more like six months passed.

And the son kept using all these drugs, massive amounts apparently, but the topic of where the money was coming from to fund this addiction was never addressed. It made me feel like a whole chunk of the story was missing.

Overall, great message, poor execution. I may check out the books to see if they’ll fill in the plot holes.

Nobody’s Fool, Movie Review

To me, this movie was like a hallmark movie channel Christmas special. Without the Christmas.

So yeah… I wasn’t having a great time.

The trailer made me think this was going to be a sort of revenge movie. The one sister gets out of prison and finds out her sibling is being catfished by a guy, so they go seek revenge on him. That’s what I thought I was going to see, but its not what it turns out to be.

First, I couldn’t figure out why the guy was catfishing the girl. Usually its done to get money, but he wasn’t. What guy just calls a girl and pretends to love her? Was I supposed to believe he just got a kick of out of making girls fall for him? So when (spoiler alert) it turns out the guy is real, I wasn’t all that shocked. No duh he’s real, cause there was never a reason for him not to be.

So the real plot is about the girl breaking the heart of the coffee shop guy, and then doing it again, and again. You get a happy end, eventually, but it takes forever to get there. And I was having a hard time believing the coffee shop guy was as emotional as they portrayed him. He was totally playing the role of every woman’s dream guy–who doesn’t exist. We even get to see him make the “O” face as he climaxes. I was like, what the F am I watching… what man does that? You don’t even see that in porn. It was very weird. There were only five of us in the theater and I was not alone in laughing at that scene.

I started closing my eyes and sleeping a bit through some parts, cause the movie was so long and had the main characters just repeating their actions from before. It was over two hours long and after an hour and half, I just wanted it to end. I really wanted to leave.

So… don’t see it. Go watch some Hallmark Channel movies instead.

Overlord, Movie review

Watching this movie reminded me of a good old video game to movie adaptation. Surprisingly, its not based directly on any video game, although the theme of killings Nazis and zombies is one seen in many.

The effects are the best part of the film. All the blood, guts, and gore, seem and feel, very real. The actors are also amazing at expressing their anguish, both the ones who are injured and the ones who are watching their friends suffer. I was squirming in my seat a lot during the second half of the film.

The plot is unique, to me anyway. The film is focused on being a war movie, with a simple mission. And it stays focused on that. Air drop some men in and take out a radio tower. Never did the soldiers give up on that mission, even as the unnatural events started occurring. Keeping the actor’s reactions true, and not taking the fantasy parts to any extremes, kept the movie grounded. The believably is what made it ring true and keep an audience engaged.

Now yes, there were the normal moments as seen in any horror movie, where you are wondering how the Nazi solders didn’t see him sneaking by, or why they didn’t close a door to shut the monster out, and so on, but to me, those were forgivable because the people were in shock and not thinking clearly.

Overall, I give the movie a must see for anyone who enjoys a good horror with lots of gore.

The Shape of Water, movie review

I never saw this movie in theaters, I didn’t even add it to my to-see list when it got several Oscar nominations and a few wins. Somehow a movie where both main characters can’t talk, didn’t seem appealing. It didn’t help that the trailers gave me no real idea what the film was about.

And so, it took me seeing a few scenes while it was airing on HBO to finally convince me to give this movie a go.

I’m glad I did. The secondary characters truly shine, with a bubbly chatter-box coworker and struggling artist / gay man as a neighbor, the movie is filled with plenty of dialogue. The villains of the film add a comical twist, reminding me of old Bullwinkle cartoons. There is one musical number that is oddly placed, but musical numbers seem to be “in” right now in Hollywood, so I can’t blame the writers for putting it in there.

The plot is very sound and has elements nearly everyone will be able to relate to. Its very grounded and shows the audience how even the most normal and inconsequential of people, can rise to be the hero.


Bohemian Rhapsody, movie review

I’m always down for a hollywood-ized documentary. Entertainment with a splash of education. I’ve never followed Queen well enough to know how accurate this movie portrayed things, but I feel it did as good as most others.

I will say, I was not thrilled with the actor choice to play Freddie Mercury. Nothing against the actor, I’ve seen him in other things, and he’s been great. He’s just not what I think of when I envision a Freddie Mercury impersonator. He’s too short and most distracting was the overbite/fake teeth the actor wore. He looked like someone wearing metal braces struggling to extend his upper lip so he can close his mouth. Maybe I just never paid enough attention to know Freddie Mercury had that problem. Either way, in the film it stood out more than I thought it should. If I’m distracted by an actor’s mouth, odds are there’s something wrong with the movie.

Odd things were highlighted, like the pet cats. They got a lot of camera time. Like, a weird amount. I was waiting to find out the movie was dedicated to them, or the ones in the show were descendants of Freddie’s original cats–neither of which is true. That I know of.

In telling the story of Freddie Mercury and the origins of Queen, the movie did succeed. There was a great story to be told, and I think they accomplished it. Even if this tale did have some room for improvement in a few areas.

I will say, I’ve read a few reviews for this film that said Freddie Mercury’s personal life and “gay” side was glossed over in this film. When I saw it, I didn’t think so. Its made very clear that he is gay and struggling with accepting that side of himself. Not to mention, struggling to find a social group that he feels fits him. I’m not sure if viewers are expecting all movies to do the down and dirty X rated side of people’s lives, like HBO tends to do, but that’s not something we usually see on the big screen. It wasn’t needed in the tale this movie was aiming for, and in my opinion, it was done in a manner the fans will respect.