Instant Family, movie review

I was expecting this movie to be more funny and less of a drama than it turned out to be. Yes, it has lots of comedic moments, but the meaning behind the movie is not being advertised. There are a lot of special messages and negative stigmas related to adoption covered in this film.

I myself felt more educated about the whole adoption/foster parent ordeal than ever before. I didn’t know there were adoption fairs to help parents meet available kids. Or that there is an orientation course foster parents must attend, which can then be followed by a support group. The span of problems a couple can encounter when adopting a child is far reaching, and this movie did a good job, in my opinion, of covering as many as possible.

From the teen wanting to be with her real mom, to the younger siblings taking to the foster parents and not wanting to see the real mom. It all felt “real” and anyone who has been around adopted kids, or even blended households with step children, can relate to issues seen in this film.

The acting from all the people involved, child and adult is right on par. Great casting job. The movie keeps things light, but isn’t afraid to touch on the dark-emotional issues too. It kept everyone feeling human and real. I dare anyone to see this movie and not find a character or scene relate to their life.

So I give the movie a must see now review! It has something for everyone.

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