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Aladdin, 2019 edition, movie review

Not sure why Disney keeps wanting to remake all the animated classics, but I, like most, was too curious to stay away. I was a kid who watched the animated Aladdin on repeat for an entire summer, and delicately watched the tv-spin off show.

So I was a bit bias going in and fully expected it to be horrible. I’ll say this, I was expecting it to be a -20 on a 1-10 scale… it came in at -15.

They did scenes that were exact replicas of the animated version. And those scenes seemed stiff. Like watching a high school play. But there were new side stories added and those scenes were amazing, even the acting improved.

The amount of auto tuning on the songs was also crazy. Will Smith is a rapper not a singer. He sang sometimes as normal him, which was horribly out of tune, then the auto tune would turn on, along with the instrumentals and he would be amazing. Same for the other actors doing their songs. There was only one new song which was split into two scenes, and it was obvious the writer of that song was not as talented as the ones who wrote the originals. The other songs are all copied from the animated version, but if you listen carefully a few lyrics here or there are tweaked.

The budget seemed small. The scenes all seemed fake. Like high school production scenes. Nothing was shot outside and it showed. I felt like I was in the studio watching them film on the sound stage. All the animals are CGI and done poorly in my opinion. The animals didn’t fit in the movie and it seemed like the directer didn’t want them in the movie but was forced to include them, so he rushed every scene or moment the camera was on them.

The genie had good and bad part parts. They added gold arm tattoos and gave him a glitter/sparkle touch, which was nice. But then they CGI’ed Will Smith’s blue genie version too much, making him look buff and such. He looked like a guy wearing a foam muscle suit.

**Spoiler alert**

Genie gets his own love story this time. And Jasmine wants to be Sultan. Its very heavy on the women empowerment thing. She gets to become Sultan at the end of the movie and then she can change the rules to marry whoever she wants. So poor Aladdin goes from being street rat to trophy husband. Cute man de-powerment moment.

Overall the movie seemed bipolar, going from exactly copying the original movie in some scenes, to abruptly branching off in its own direction in other scenes. It would have been better if it’d done one or the other, and since the acting seemed better in the new material, I believe that would have been the better direction to go. A female based movie about Jasmine.