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New book release! Prophet of a God

Second book in the Gods of Earth Series is out, Prophet of a God!! The story continues to follow Cooper, now an adult as he pursues his own love interest. The first book in the series, Influence of a God was about Cooper helping his guardians find love.

Isaiah has heard voices in his head his entire life, so it’s ironic when his brother declares that he has been chosen as a prophet of god. Isaiah assists his brother in his search for the messiah and quickly discovers the god chose his brother in an effort to get closer to Isaiah.

The messiah isn’t shy at all in declaring that Isaiah is fated to be with him. But the voice in Isaiah’s head is skeptical and easily finds errors in the god’s claims.

Cooper is a god, one of many on Earth, but he is approved to pose as a messiah. He warps the path he’s supposed to follow in an effort to get closer to a man that is supposed to be his lover for only one night. Doing so has consequences, because Isaiah is not the man he expected. For one, he cuts himself in an effort to deal with the darkness of his past. And second, there’s the pesky sprite that loiters on Isaiah’s shoulder, whispering advice that Cooper would rather it didn’t.


It Chapter Two, Movie Review (2019)

Its been a while since I saw the original movie, Part 1, or read the book. So this review will be focused on It Part 2 and less so a comparison.

The movie starts off very brutal and graphic. Like, excessively so. I found myself wondering, “Why? Why do they have to brutalize the guy that much?” The opening scene is a hate crime, and it goes to the extreme of nearly killing the person, which is then added to even more by the clown feeding graphically on him.

I guess this sets the mood, because the film continues with excessive violence, both of the physical and emotional. It is three hours long, so be prepared for that and drink your beverages accordingly. Despite the length, I did not find myself bored. The characters are all given backstories and are relatable. There are flashbacks back to when they are kids as well. In my opinion, the kids were better actors than the adults, they truly excelled.

If you are into horror movies or enjoy Stephen King books, I highly recommend seeing the movie.

Peanut Butter Falcon, Movie Review

I’ll say upfront, I saw Peanut Butter Falcon because Shia LaBeouf is in it, a person I have been a fan of since his childhood acting days on Even Stevens. When I walked into the theater and saw only people with white or gray hair in the audience, I was a bit stumped as to their motivation for seeing the film. Judging by their comments when the credits rolled, I think they were confused about why they were there as well.

So the movie… sadly I am still a bit lost on the target audience this movie was aiming for. And that alone might damage its success, because although it is a good movie, without a demographic to appeal to… who is going to see it?

Its sort of a play on Mark Twain’s classic Tom and Huckleberry, but not really. Fulfilling a person’s dream of being a wrestler is the main theme, sort of a make a wish type deal, but wrestling isn’t present enough to inspire fans of wrestling to come watch the movie. Although, now that I think about it, there was a cameo of Jake the Snake, so maybe the older folks were there to see him. I get their disappointment now, cause he plays a very small role.

You are basically watching a heart warming tale of two misfit boys off on an adventure by foot, neither of them belong in society and by finding each other, they find a purpose. Would I suggest seeing it? Well. If you like feel good stories, yes. This has some amusing moments scattered throughout, has a great message, is well written and has great acting. I enjoyed it, but I would also be happy just watching Shia ramble to himself in an empty room… so I might be bias.

So yes, go see it, but be prepared for a slow paced southern movie that is meant to be heart warming, not action wrestler focused.

Good Boys, Movie Review

If you watched the trailer for this movie, then you’ve seen the best parts of this movie. I’d almost say you saw more funny moments than what the movie has. The editing job removed some of the scenes that are shown in the trailer, and to me, some of those scenes were the best. There is a nice plot hidden in the array of jokes. Some good lessons to be learned by kids, which weirdly isn’t the audience this movie is meant for, so, not sure what to say about that.

It was nice to see kids being kids, and anyone who goes is bound to laugh at some of the jokes, though likely not all. Sadly, I can’t give the movie a “must see” review. The trailer, absolutely, if you haven’t see that, go watch it, and view some of the sample scenes available. But the movie itself drags on for too long and works too hard at maintaining a plot with meaning, leaving the jokes too spread out. Its okay to see, but there’s other movies out right now that are better.