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Gemini Man, Movie Review

I’d heard great things about the de-aging technology used in Gemini Man. The younger version of Will Smith’s character, a clone, is done using computers. With how much this was raved, I figured it would be impressive. People were saying this would take deep fakes to a whole new level. I say meh, it didn’t seem that much better than what I have seen in other movies. A computer animated human still has features that makes them look not quite right. If the movie was seen on a small screen at home, it might be easier to believe. But when the person is huge on a big screen, its easy to see how fake it is.

The action is fast paced, with people moving almost too fast, especially the younger Will Smith. They tried to make both people so super awesome and better than everyone else, that they were unbelievably so, and not relatable.

The plot had flaws all over. The biggest I took issue with was how assassinating people haunted the main character so much, yet throughout the movie all he ever did was kill shots. When troops who are following orders and doing nothing else, come after him, he doesn’t hesitate to murder them with a single shot. The movie doesn’t address this at all, like those murders don’t matter, only the deaths of the people he was hired to assassinate haunt him. You would think if he is growing a conscious, like they keep stressing, he would make an effort to disarm people instead of all out murder them.

Overall, I would say the movie doesn’t live up the hype it is being given and I would not see it in theaters.

Jexi, Movie Review

The trailers made this look like a fun comedy, so I figured I’d give this movie a go, since I’ve generally liked the work Adam Devine does.

My biggest take away is, when the movie is trying to funny, it has loads of humor and is amazing. But when the movie tries to be serious, it slows to a crawl and gets boring. There’s only a few moments when this happens so I wouldn’t let it deter you, the movie would just be better without it.

The story line follows the classic plot of having a character with flaws, making him learn his lessons the hard way, then just as things are looking up, he loses everything, only to then rise to the top even more empowered than before.

Would I suggest the movie? Yes, it does have some great humor, even though they are mostly at the expense of the main character. For the most part, it is for his own good, a bit of tough love.


Joker, Movie Review

When I saw how much controversy was stirring around this film, I knew I needed to see it so I could form my own opinions. Rumors ranged from annoyances about how he colors his hair, to the main plot inspiring riots.

So, let’s start with this hair dye thing. He is a clown, so he does know his fair share about make-up. No, he does not bleach his hair, but his hair does not turn out bright green. His dark hair is still dark, it just has a tint of green to it, only visible in good light. So to me, that was all believable. And it did look like he used a purchased kit, not food coloring like some people are say.

The movie is kind of an underdog movie. Showing someone who is down on their luck, and their luck just keeps getting worse until they can’t take it anymore and crack. Anyone who has ever felt that “the man” is out to get them, will find this movie relatable. The rich say they want to help people, but funding is being cut from the programs that help the impoverished. The Joker is one such victim, and combined with other unfortunate events, he reaches his breaking point. His goal isn’t to inspire others, but his actions do, and decides to embrace it, because its the first time someone has appreciated him.

So yes, I can see how one might think this could provoke riots. But can’t any movie with violence do this? To me, it was a good story, and the character is relatable, even though he sadly embraces a negative life instead of a positive one. In its own way, it was a happy ending, because the main character embraces who he is.

The thing to keep in mind before you see this film, is that its not a super hero or action movie. Its more a drama about a man with a mental illness and his slow descent into true madness. There is graphic violence, and viewers should be prepared for that.

Ad Astra, movie review

This movie can be summed up easily. Someone with severe daddy issues, likely stemming from abandonment, wrote this screenplay and tried to use it as a therapeutic means to deal with the issue.

And then add space travel to the theme.

A more detailed review… the dialogue cliques are often used incorrectly. Not sure if thats on purpose as a way to show how humans in the future have lost their grip on what humanity used to be and have forgotten how such phrases are supposed to used. Everyone is very stoic which just makes them seem like bad actors. The plot goes all over, just trying to add in action. The effects are good, but the science is illogical, just like the behavior of most of the characters.

Overall, I would give it a hard pass. Its slow paced, boring, predictable, and most of it doesn’t make sense. I would only see it if you enjoy movies that take place in space and want to see some special effects of that nature.