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Doctor Sleep, Movie Review

Before seeing this movie, I watched the 1980 The Shining adaptation, since Doctor Sleep is supposed to be the sequel to that movie. I have read the books but for now this review is of just the movies. I would suggest rewatching The Shining before you see this, just so everything is fresh in your memory.

Actors are brought in that look like the actors in the original film. I’d say they did a pretty good job, my only qualm would have been that they could have had Jack Nicholson do the voice for the actor playing him, cause his voice is pretty defining of his character. They did a great job recreating the classic scenes from the first movie, and yet kept things original with a new story line.

Are there some tragic moments? Yes. Is the ending somewhat happy? Yes. Its what one would expect from a Stephen King novel based movie. It is a long movie, but I didn’t find myself bored. It isn’t action packed, but it is filled with story content to keep the audience engaged.

Overall, yes, I recommend seeing it. There aren’t any jolting scare you moments, and its not heavy on gore. Its more of a psychological horror.

Zombieland: Double Tap, Movie Review

It took ten years for a sequel to come out. And it was worth the wait. The movie doesn’t flat out say ten years has passed, but it alludes to it, which explains why everyone has aged. The movie continues with its same nonsense, which creates the same humor as the last film. The plot has some twists, some that are expected and others that aren’t.

Overall, a good zombie movie for anyone who enjoys a classic zombie flick. And you don’t need to see the first one to be able to enjoy this one.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Movie Review

The movie was surprisingly dark. The first movie was dark too, but not on this scale. I kept thinking there would be some dramatic moment where everything would be reversed and people were okay… that’s how dark it got.

But it is a good movie. It doesn’t feel like a rerun of the first Maleficent film. In fact, you could go see this one without seeing the first and you wouldn’t be lost. The theme remains the same as the first movie, it’s all about a grudge, and letting the revenge of that one moment shape your entire life

Overall, I enjoyed it. And I would suggest seeing it. But be warned it is dark, and probably not the best movie for little kids. I would also suggest seeing it in IMAX or 3D if possible. The effects make it worth it.