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Playmobil: The Movie, Movie Review

I made it a priority to see this movie because Adam Lambert is a voice actor in it. And yes, he sings in the film, so right away, the movie is a winner in my book.

I couldn’t help but compare the film to the first Lego movie, because it seemed like Playmobil was doing their best attempt to either match or surpass the Lego movie. But, just like their toys falls short when compared to Lego, so did their movie. Don’t get me wrong, the movie is good, even if you remove my Adam Lambert bias. But it isn’t great. It’s an entertaining story, I didn’t find myself bored, the characters do grow, but there isn’t anything that special about the movie. It’s just a nice kid friendly story to take the kids to that has a few morals and fun adventures.

Frozen 2, Movie Review

With the success of the first Frozen movie, any sequel is a guaranteed success. In my opinion, the story could have been kept simple and would have been better. A natural progression in the lives of the sisters is what I would have preferred, maybe them having a child, or Elsa finding love. But no, instead the lore went backwards and explored the origins of Elsa’s powers and her parents. The answers of which just make the world these characters live in more confusing and riddled with more questions. There’s basically magic all over now.

The result was a movie with too much background and heavy content. It tried to be too serious and cover more than needed. The songs seemed out of place and excessive. There were not hard hitting tunes like in the first.

Of course, we can’t expect the sequel to be as good as the original. But it would have been nice if the characters had shown some growth, instead of spinning in circles and making similar mistakes to the first movie. People will still like it, and find it entertaining, but only because they enjoyed the characters so much in the first film.

A beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Movie Review

First off, I feel the trailers and advertising for this movie do not portray what the movie is about. The movie is not about Mr. Rogers. Like, not at all. It’s about a journalist who is assigned to interview Mr. Rogers for a magazine. And its barely about him doing that, its mostly about his personal life. How he just had a son, how he gets in a fight with his father, and lots of other boring normal life stuff. Mr. Rogers is in the movie for about ten minutes. And it’s a two hour movie. The movie is based on the article that the journalist writes, and yes, the article is also barely about Mr. Rogers, they even say so in the movie.

Not only was the story slow paced and uneventful, but it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. The story was literally a biography of a journalist who did a ten minute interview with Mr. Rogers. Talk about using someone else’s fame to make you famous.

So, my recommendation is to not see this movie ever. Maybe go read the article, if you are truly curious, because that will save you some time.