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The Invisible Man, movie review

The overall plot was okay for this movie. But the implementation left something to be desired.

The sound effects were horrible. There were times when a person who was speaking could only be heard from one side of the theater. I could tell it was intentional, but not at all needed, and just messed with your perception of things. Which may have been the point, but it was silly. When inside a house, you could hear sirens and such outside, which just had me wondering why? There was no point to me hearing those things. The instrumental music in the background would get very loud in an attempt build the drama, but it was distracting and pulled me from the story. I would have rather had silence. The whole movie felt like the people doing the music and sound effects were running the show. The sounds literally felt like the most important aspect of the entire film.

The only scene that ran smoothly and seemed realistic, was when the sisters are in a restaurant and the waiter keeps coming by to take their order and they tell him they aren’t ready. They drew this scene out so much, it seemed more important than anything else. I assume the writers had this happen to them and were trying to make a point of how annoying it can be. But it was not appropriate for the film and just slowed things down for no reason.

Overall, it was a flop and I would not suggest seeing it. If anything, see it at home, so you know the weird effects are truly part of the movie and not sounds from the movie next door. Cause that’s what I was wondering half the time.