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Welcome to my blog! I live in Florida with my husband and our Kitty, a rescued Abyssinian. I have several novels published under the name "Nina Schluntz". I’m an avid movie goer, so most of my blog posts will be a review of the most recent movie I happened to see. Sometimes I’ll mix it up and read a book too. Or… my favorite, I’ll see the movie then read the book it was based on!

Cost Effective, movie review

Film festival movies, and really any low budget movie made with a smaller crew and less oversight from the big budget companies, tend to have a very unique feel to them. Such is true for “Cost Effective.”

The theme for the movie is simple. Exaggerate common stereotypes to a point where it’s so overdone, it’s funny. From the guard who is obsessed with his donuts, to the nutty black gangster who can’t stop grabbing his crotch, the movie holds firm to not showing originally. But if this is truly a comedy, sometimes the classics hold true, so I get why they chose that direction.

The story line focuses on a hold up gone wrong, with a twist. If you put more thought than that into it, the entire plot falls apart. So don’t think when you see it. Just watch.

Overall, it’s a good film if you are into exaggerated comedy that’s teetering between slapstick and ironic.

Cost Effective (Amazon Link)


The Crimes of Grindelwald, movie review

I was hoping I could see this movie without needing to rewatch Fantastic Beasts or any of the Harry Potter movies. I’m going to advise anyone who hasn’t seen these movies in a while, to at least go rewatch Fantastic Beasts, because I was a bit lost. Watching all the movies again, would have really helped me, but mostly the Fantastic Beasts is needed. The story takes place directly after it and most of the characters are in both films.

So me, not remembering the other movies well, and not having read ANY of the books, was more than a little lost on the plot. It seemed overly complicated with all the baby swapping and who is blood related to who and has a blood contract with who. There’s conspiracies all over and people whose names get mentioned like they should have some special meaning to me, and I’m like, what? Who is that? What does everyone keep acting like these people are as popular as Micheal Jackson or the Beetles?

So… the plot was lost on me. Reviewing the rest of the movie, well, the acting was good, the effects were good, just like any other movie. I mean, everyone acted like they usually do in these movies. Nothing all that new.

In the end, I think this movie is good for Harry Potter fans and people who have read the book. There wasn’t enough basic stuff to keep a casual viewer like myself engaged. Like, there was no simple plot that existed just in this movie, if that makes sense. If you don’t know everything, you don’t know anything.

So fans, go see it, you’ll love it. Everyone else… see something else.

The Grinch, movie review

So for anyone who might be confused, this movie is a remake of the original. Not a prequel or anything.

Going into it with a fresh set of eyes and not comparing it to any of the other remakes, or the book, is best. Just watch it for what it is. The movie adds in some new content, letting the Grinch actually find a reindeer and attempt to use him for the sleigh. Max is basically a servant now, and the Grinch is an inventor on a higher level than seen before.

The town and little girl get bigger roles. I enjoyed her role and thought it was creative to have her catch Santa, who turns out to be the Grinch. It’s a much funnier way for them to meet than her just waking up.

The jokes are good and entertaining. The target audience is obviously kids, and I think it works. It’s a new classic to update the old one and hopefully get a new generation interested in Dr Seuess books.

If you have kids, def take them to see it.

Instant Family, movie review

I was expecting this movie to be more funny and less of a drama than it turned out to be. Yes, it has lots of comedic moments, but the meaning behind the movie is not being advertised. There are a lot of special messages and negative stigmas related to adoption covered in this film.

I myself felt more educated about the whole adoption/foster parent ordeal than ever before. I didn’t know there were adoption fairs to help parents meet available kids. Or that there is an orientation course foster parents must attend, which can then be followed by a support group. The span of problems a couple can encounter when adopting a child is far reaching, and this movie did a good job, in my opinion, of covering as many as possible.

From the teen wanting to be with her real mom, to the younger siblings taking to the foster parents and not wanting to see the real mom. It all felt “real” and anyone who has been around adopted kids, or even blended households with step children, can relate to issues seen in this film.

The acting from all the people involved, child and adult is right on par. Great casting job. The movie keeps things light, but isn’t afraid to touch on the dark-emotional issues too. It kept everyone feeling human and real. I dare anyone to see this movie and not find a character or scene relate to their life.

So I give the movie a must see now review! It has something for everyone.

Edge of Tomorrow, movie review

I avoided this movie when it first came out, due to the main actor and the plethora of science fiction movies he was doing at this time. However, while trapped on a long flight, I found myself with nothing better to do than watch it.

And I am glad I did. It’s not every day you get to see Tom Cruise act like a coward and attempt to defect from the military. I quite enjoyed this new side of him and got to experience a refreshing taste of his true acting potential.

The plot is also highly original. I can’t say much about it without giving it all away. But it’s interesting to see how a person copes when forced to relive the day of their death over and over. And then add in aliens invading earth and you def have a hit.

So if you were like me and were avoiding this film, take my advice and go see it!

Beautiful Boy, movie review

I knew from the trailer this was going to be a slow paced movie. And yes, I saw it was two hours long and totally checked my watch a few times as I was watching it. As other reviews will tell you, the acting is superb, for all involved. The message is also a good one, it’s promoting awareness about drug abuse and might open the eyes of some people who didn’t already know of the problem and for those whose lives have been affected by drugs, it might be a nice, “you aren’t alone” kind of message.

My compliments end there.

The story is a mash up of two books, one wrote by the dad, the other by the son (drug user). Maybe the books tell the tale better. This movie seemed like a jumble of scenes that no one bothered to put in a sequential order. There were flashbacks, time jumps, and I had no idea what was the present timeline. If there was one.

The son’s life appeared to cover 4-6 years, based off rehab and sobriety time references. But the younger siblings never aged, they appeared the same age every time they were shown, so it was more like six months passed.

And the son kept using all these drugs, massive amounts apparently, but the topic of where the money was coming from to fund this addiction was never addressed. It made me feel like a whole chunk of the story was missing.

Overall, great message, poor execution. I may check out the books to see if they’ll fill in the plot holes.

Nobody’s Fool, Movie Review

To me, this movie was like a hallmark movie channel Christmas special. Without the Christmas.

So yeah… I wasn’t having a great time.

The trailer made me think this was going to be a sort of revenge movie. The one sister gets out of prison and finds out her sibling is being catfished by a guy, so they go seek revenge on him. That’s what I thought I was going to see, but its not what it turns out to be.

First, I couldn’t figure out why the guy was catfishing the girl. Usually its done to get money, but he wasn’t. What guy just calls a girl and pretends to love her? Was I supposed to believe he just got a kick of out of making girls fall for him? So when (spoiler alert) it turns out the guy is real, I wasn’t all that shocked. No duh he’s real, cause there was never a reason for him not to be.

So the real plot is about the girl breaking the heart of the coffee shop guy, and then doing it again, and again. You get a happy end, eventually, but it takes forever to get there. And I was having a hard time believing the coffee shop guy was as emotional as they portrayed him. He was totally playing the role of every woman’s dream guy–who doesn’t exist. We even get to see him make the “O” face as he climaxes. I was like, what the F am I watching… what man does that? You don’t even see that in porn. It was very weird. There were only five of us in the theater and I was not alone in laughing at that scene.

I started closing my eyes and sleeping a bit through some parts, cause the movie was so long and had the main characters just repeating their actions from before. It was over two hours long and after an hour and half, I just wanted it to end. I really wanted to leave.

So… don’t see it. Go watch some Hallmark Channel movies instead.