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Gods of Earth Series – Book Tour and Giveaway

A quick stop on my promotion tour for the Gods of Earth Series! Check it out and enter the $10 Amazon giveaway!

A Pinch of Bookdust

Influence of a God
Gods of Earth Series Book 1
by Nina R. Schluntz
Genre: LGBTQ SciFi Fantasy Romance
Jesse has a type-the heartbroken. He doesn’t hide this fact, he’s even tattooed a damaged heart on his chest. His partners love the people who left them, which means there’s no fear of them getting attached to him. He showers them with the affection they have been deprived of and in return, he gets no string attached hook-ups.
Except for Ben.
No matter what Jesse does, when he gets drunk, its always Ben’s porch he ends up on. Which is fine, because Ben is still deeply in love with his ex-wife, even though she’s already remarried.
It might have all stayed fine, if Ben hadn’t met Cooper, the twelve-year-old stepson of Ben’s ex. He knows things he shouldn’t. He has a weird quirk of disappearing for hours. He even predicts future…

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The Invisible Man, movie review

The overall plot was okay for this movie. But the implementation left something to be desired.

The sound effects were horrible. There were times when a person who was speaking could only be heard from one side of the theater. I could tell it was intentional, but not at all needed, and just messed with your perception of things. Which may have been the point, but it was silly. When inside a house, you could hear sirens and such outside, which just had me wondering why? There was no point to me hearing those things. The instrumental music in the background would get very loud in an attempt build the drama, but it was distracting and pulled me from the story. I would have rather had silence. The whole movie felt like the people doing the music and sound effects were running the show. The sounds literally felt like the most important aspect of the entire film.

The only scene that ran smoothly and seemed realistic, was when the sisters are in a restaurant and the waiter keeps coming by to take their order and they tell him they aren’t ready. They drew this scene out so much, it seemed more important than anything else. I assume the writers had this happen to them and were trying to make a point of how annoying it can be. But it was not appropriate for the film and just slowed things down for no reason.

Overall, it was a flop and I would not suggest seeing it. If anything, see it at home, so you know the weird effects are truly part of the movie and not sounds from the movie next door. Cause that’s what I was wondering half the time.

New Release! 3rd book in the Gods of Earth Series

Muse of a God: Gods of Earth Series Book 3 (Amazon link)

Lawrence, who prefers to go by Laurie, is one of those gifted performers that everyone envies because he always gets the lead role.

Carter is a god with a shaded past. He created a planet… and then helped parasite type symbiotes destroy it. His current time on Earth is to prove he is rehabilitated.

He isn’t.

But he is good at manipulation. He wants to stay close to the two scientists who will discover a means to save Earth once Carter brings the symbiotes to it. One of them is Laurie’s roommate in college. Which means Laurie is Carter’s best means to befriending the scientists.

A not so chance encounter and some mocking, gets Laurie to join the lacrosse team Carter is on. Seducing him is easy enough, but Laurie quickly proves refreshingly unpredictable and his quick tongue makes Carter reconsider his choices to stay loyal to his previous love who controls the symbiotes.

But can Carter’s growing affection toward Laurie be enough to convince him to save Earth rather than destroy it?

1917, Movie Review

Not sure how much of this is a true story. I imagine its more a compilation of many soldiers telling their stories and it being put into one movie. Because the individual tales do seem very grounded in reality, but the overall one and all that the solider goes through might be a bit much for one person.

What I enjoyed the most is the style the movie was shot in. There are no scene breaks. The movie appears as if its all one long take, with a camera following the characters the entire time. There are a few tricks, like the scene going dark, or looking at a wall for a moment, where there was likely a scene break. But this style of footage makes the audience feel they are truly there with the characters, trudging along with them thru the mud and racing away from the gunfire.

The story itself has some plot twists that are unexpected. I can’t say much without giving the plot away, but it is a good one. The events are relatable, and it’s very easy to picture yourself right there with the character, experiencing his struggles.

It’s one of the best war movies I have seen in a while, and I highly recommend it.

Bad Boys for Life, Movie Review

Before I saw the newest Bad Boys movie, I decided to rewatch the first two movies, since the first came out in 1995 and I wasn’t sure how much of it I would remember. To be honest, it was a bit boring watching those movies again. Back when they were new, they were amazing, but now, with the effects outdated and the jokes being old, it wasn’t so thrilling.

The new movie did hold the Bad Boys recipe true. It was 90% gun fights and several high speed car chases. There are some women empowering roles thrown in, but not quite as front line as in the other movies. The characters had developed in age, and have entered new stages of their lives. There are comments made that refer back to the other movies, mostly the second one. So if you are wanting to “get” all the jokes, be sure to rewatch the second Bad Boys movie before you see this one.

With the new effects available, the car chases, fight scenes, explosions, and gunfire, are much better. Still excessive, still exaggerated, but well done, even though very unrealistic.

Overall, I would say this movie not only does the trilogy justice, but is better than the previous ones. So if you are looking for a good action movie, this should def be on your list.


A beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Movie Review

First off, I feel the trailers and advertising for this movie do not portray what the movie is about. The movie is not about Mr. Rogers. Like, not at all. It’s about a journalist who is assigned to interview Mr. Rogers for a magazine. And its barely about him doing that, its mostly about his personal life. How he just had a son, how he gets in a fight with his father, and lots of other boring normal life stuff. Mr. Rogers is in the movie for about ten minutes. And it’s a two hour movie. The movie is based on the article that the journalist writes, and yes, the article is also barely about Mr. Rogers, they even say so in the movie.

Not only was the story slow paced and uneventful, but it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. The story was literally a biography of a journalist who did a ten minute interview with Mr. Rogers. Talk about using someone else’s fame to make you famous.

So, my recommendation is to not see this movie ever. Maybe go read the article, if you are truly curious, because that will save you some time.

Zombieland: Double Tap, Movie Review

It took ten years for a sequel to come out. And it was worth the wait. The movie doesn’t flat out say ten years has passed, but it alludes to it, which explains why everyone has aged. The movie continues with its same nonsense, which creates the same humor as the last film. The plot has some twists, some that are expected and others that aren’t.

Overall, a good zombie movie for anyone who enjoys a classic zombie flick. And you don’t need to see the first one to be able to enjoy this one.

47 Meters Down, Uncaged

For a horror movie, this film has more plot than one would expect. I was impressed with the effort put in to make the audience care about the main characters. They got a background story, were put in situations that are relatable, overall, the plot was well done.

Now, as for the realistic side of things, a lot of liberty was taken. So much so, that I was a bit confused at some parts. Like, how is a large shark surviving in those caves, what is it eating? How is it moving around in the caves? Are we really supposed to believe they grew up down there and are stuck in various areas?

If you’ve ever been scuba diving, you’ll find a lot of errors in how things are done. Science and biology doesn’t apply in this movie like it does in the rest of the world. There was also a lacking of presence of Mexicans for a movie taking place in Mexico.

So yes, I have a lot of complaints about the movie. But if you are looking for a horror movie, or if you enjoy shark movies, then this is a great movie to see. So weirdly, I do give this a thumbs up. I am torn between saying see it at home or see it in the theaters. At home, you can openly make fun of the twisted logic, but in the movie theater you an enjoy the special effects of the sharks on the big screen. So pick which matters more to you, and do that!

Toy Story 4, movie review

Who would have thought this franchise would keep going? What’s even more shocking, is who would have thought the fourth installment is actually better than several of the ones that came before it? Yup. I dare say, this one was on level with the FIRST Toy Story movie.

The film definitely jumped on the feminist wagon. Making the former sweet damsel of Bo Peep, into a street fighting independent woman, who takes every opportunity she can to emasculate Woody. It worked better than I’ve seen in other movies, but personally I was annoyed, because it seems like every movie is doing this.

Buzz didn’t show any growth in the movie, he was pushed to be a side character, so if you are a big fan of him, you may find the movie disappointing.

The toys interact with humans a lot more than before, even letting humans hear their voices! So a bit more liberty was taken in this film.

The new character, Forky, is what makes the movie spectacular. His lines and behavior will make nearly anyone chuckle. And if there is a Toy Story 5, I hope Forky plays a large part in it, because he was a great creation!


The Secret Life of Pets 2, movie review

This movie adds enough new content to be superior to most sequels. There are several story lines occurring at the same time, which will keep adult viewers engaged. There are cute moments, that will make you think, “my pet does that!” and of course outrageous things that will either earn an eye roll or a burst of laughter.

I’d suggest any fan of the first movie, go see this one. Kids in the theater with me were well entertained as well. The plot also had enough twists that I didn’t find it predictable. And there are some great one liners.

Pet lovers, should truly enjoy it.