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Bohemian Rhapsody, movie review

I’m always down for a hollywood-ized documentary. Entertainment with a splash of education. I’ve never followed Queen well enough to know how accurate this movie portrayed things, but I feel it did as good as most others.

I will say, I was not thrilled with the actor choice to play Freddie Mercury. Nothing against the actor, I’ve seen him in other things, and he’s been great. He’s just not what I think of when I envision a Freddie Mercury impersonator. He’s too short and most distracting was the overbite/fake teeth the actor wore. He looked like someone wearing metal braces struggling to extend his upper lip so he can close his mouth. Maybe I just never paid enough attention to know Freddie Mercury had that problem. Either way, in the film it stood out more than I thought it should. If I’m distracted by an actor’s mouth, odds are there’s something wrong with the movie.

Odd things were highlighted, like the pet cats. They got a lot of camera time. Like, a weird amount. I was waiting to find out the movie was dedicated to them, or the ones in the show were descendants of Freddie’s original cats–neither of which is true. That I know of.

In telling the story of Freddie Mercury and the origins of Queen, the movie did succeed. There was a great story to be told, and I think they accomplished it. Even if this tale did have some room for improvement in a few areas.

I will say, I’ve read a few reviews for this film that said Freddie Mercury’s personal life and “gay” side was glossed over in this film. When I saw it, I didn’t think so. Its made very clear that he is gay and struggling with accepting that side of himself. Not to mention, struggling to find a social group that he feels fits him. I’m not sure if viewers are expecting all movies to do the down and dirty X rated side of people’s lives, like HBO tends to do, but that’s not something we usually see on the big screen. It wasn’t needed in the tale this movie was aiming for, and in my opinion, it was done in a manner the fans will respect.


Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, movie review

The Hotel Transylvania movies get credit for making each movie unique, it isn’t just a rehash of the same plot. That being said, this plot did edge a bit on the predictable side, but as a third installment, that’s almost expected and I personally don’t judge third installments as harshly as I do the previous in the series.

There are some great one liners and some originality, for sure. Parents and children should be entertained, and overall if you enjoyed the first two movies, I’d suggest seeing the new one.

Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom, movie review

The movie gave the audience what it wanted. More raptors and more background on everyone’s favorite raptor, Blue. The mighty t-Rex has officially taken a back seat as the world’s favorite dino.

The plot is original enough to keep the audience engaged. It keeps a few classic scenes to keep the die hard fans content, and a few plot twists to keep folks guessing. The effects continue to get better with each movie, even if the believability of some things are getting a bit overdone.

Overall, it’s a good action packed movie I would recommend.

Rampage, Movie Review

Movies with Dwayne Johnson are hit or miss. Usually, I only like them if he is paired with a good comedian. He was not paired with such a person in this film, so needless to say, I wasn’t a big fan.

So the positive thing I have to say is the movie’s special effects were very good. The monsters were great to look at, very creatively done. So if you are wanting to watch a movie that requires no brain power, and you just want to chill and watch monsters fight, then this is the movie to go see.

So the bad. The plot was very poor. The stereotypes were abundant and eye rolling. At times I felt like I was watching an animated kid’s cartoon, because everyone’s personalities and motives were so exaggerated beyond belief. And really, nothing made sense.

What drove me the most crazy was the fact the ape only got a little bigger. The wolf, got way bigger and got mutant powers, same with the alligator. Why did the ape not get mutant powers? Why did the ape stay so small compared to the others? In their original sizes he would have been bigger than them, so why was he not bigger than them in monster form?

The questions abound in this film, so trust me, the only way to enjoy it, is to turn your brain off and just watch the fun CGI animals attack things.

Annihilation, movie review

This movie is a classic science fiction. It does a good job of providing enough facts to explain things, but not over complicate matters or do a massive information dump. This allows the audience to read as much or as little into the story as they want.

There is definitely some gore, and more than one scene which will leave you squirming a bit. Its interesting that its an all women team, but there isn’t any real reason behind it, which was disappointing. I was hoping for an explanation, because its a hard coincidence to believe, and I can’t imagine any organization thinking its smart to send an all women team into a deadly area–especially when most members of the team are inexperienced in weapons and combat. We also aren’t given a solid count of how many people they’ve sent in before this. And the logic that anyone who goes in, doesn’t come back, doesn’t make sense either. Wouldn’t you send someone in a few feet and have them come back? Go in a few yards, collect some samples, and come back? Who decided, everyone who goes in, must make it a goal to reach the center, no coming back early!

And people who do get out, are seemingly magically teleported out. No explanation given. I get it, such details would have slowed the movie down. There is a book the film is based on, so perhaps if I read it, I’ll get my answers.

There are subtle clues throughout the film that give you an indication of what is happening. Basically everyone inside is sharing DNA with everyone else inside, be that turning into plants, bears with human voices, or even getting each other’s tattoos.

The ending has a twist that will leave audiences shaking their heads and trying to figure out exactly what they saw happen. Its a good twist, not confusing, just makes you wonder what is real and what isn’t.

Overall, I’d recommend it if you enjoy classic science fiction movies. This one does the genre justice.

Gringo, movie review

Similar to Game Night, this movie did not want to play into the “I saw all the punch lines/best scenes in the trailer.”

Which makes it hard to review, because a good portion of what makes this movie good is that you aren’t expecting the main character to do what he does. So let’s just say there are several layers to the kidnapping. And more than one person wants to find Harold, the main character. This plays into an entertaining game of cat and mouse, with a great comedic factor.

In the end, the story tries to give the beaten underdog their happy ending, and the original people on top, their punishments. I would almost say this is a good revenge movie, but not really, because you never feel like Harold actually wants to punish someone. He just wants the world to be a bit more fair, and for those who work hard to get actually get rewarded for it.

This is one of the best comedies I’ve seen this year, so if you want some laughs, this is definitely one to see.

Game Night, movie review

It would seem comedies have listened to people’s common complaint of, “I saw all the best jokes/scenes in the trailer.” Because the trailer for this movie, does not give you a clear idea of what you are in store for.

The first thirty minutes or so set the stage, making it sure you understand how hum drum and normal the lives of the main characters are. And then the twists begin, one after another. Its like a real kidnapping mixed in a fake, on top of a fake, on top of a fake, with a real no wait, another fake, or is it? Its quite the tale of cat and mouse. Yes, some of the scenes are exaggerated, as is sometimes seen in comedies, but otherwise I have no real complaints.

The movie will keep you laughing, and the plot twists will keep you guessing. So if you are looking for a few good laughs, Game Night is work seeing.