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Bridge of Spies, movie review

This movie seems to be drawing in the older crowd. Even though I saw this movie late on a Friday, it was jam packed with senior citizens.

The film is very real and raw. By the end of the film you will actually be rooting for the Russian Spy, which I’m sure was the idea behind making the movie. You’ll learn some history too. Part of the story takes place in Germany when the German wall is being built. I’d never seen a movie depict that before.

There’s also some humor in the movie, which I was not expecting. The film did very good in keeping things from getting too dark.

There are a few slow moments in the film, but for the most part the suspense continues throughout. If you enjoy dramas, you should put this on your to-see list.

Goosebumps, movie review

This movie was much better than I was expecting. The trailer made it seem like it would be full of cheap humor and overdone jokes. I didn’t expect much of a plot. Boy, was I wrong.

Yes, Jack Black adds his own personality to the character he is playing and it almost doesn’t work, but in the end it’s okay. He is playing an odd shut-in type character, so it seems believable.

There are jokes mixed in throughout the story, many more than you have seen in the trailers. There is a sound plot and even some twists that you won’t predict. The effects are well done, I mean, you know most of it is CGI, but it’s still well done.

Kids and adults will enjoy the film, its age appropriate for all. I did see it in 3D, but there were only a few moments where the 3D factor seemed used.

Fantastic Four, 2015, movie review

The reviews kept me away from this movie. Everyone seemed to dislike it. Then I read a synopsis, one wrote by a person who was giving it a horrible review, and as I read it, I was like, wow this movie sounds awesome. So I decided to go see it.

And guess what? The movie is awesome. The thing is, you need to go to it and view it as a regular science fiction movie. Throw away all your bias and expectations for marvel comic movies. Don’t go in, expecting an X-man or Avengers movie. Just go in and enjoy and nice science fiction movie.
Really, the writers should have made the characters new and completely severed ties with the marvel world. If they had, this movie would have been a success.

The plot was well thought out, the acting was good. The only bit I got annoyed with was how first Ben and later one of the business guys, kept chewing gum with their mouth open. It was noticeable and annoying, just like seeing someone do it in real life is. So I would like to smack whoever thought of that idea.

The ending did get a little cheesy, but that’s to be expected in this genre of movie. And yes, the movie ends leaving you wanting more and prepping you for a sequel, but that’s the idea, right?

Terminator Genisys, movie review

I hadn’t heard much about this movie, and what little I did hear wasn’t good. After two weeks of stalling, I finally decided to give the film a try. I was pleasantly surprised.

The movie did a nice combination of the original movies and the new. It almost took heed from the recent Star Trek movies by creating an alternate timeline where they can now have anything occur.

The action is nearly non-stop, there are very few moments in the movie where the story slows. The twists in the plot keep coming and if you have to step away from the movie for any reason, you can expect to be a bit lost when you return. Trust me, I know from experience.

Although there is some violence, okay a lot, otherwise this movie is kid friendly. The plot may be a little too complicated for some to fully understand, but I expect they will still be highly entertained.

I would recommend the movie for anyone who enjoys a good action movie or liked the other terminator movies. The plot, acting and effects are all spectacular.

Jurassic World, movie review

The expectations were high for this movie. The crowd actually cheered when the film began. And I think it delivered in all the aspects people were hoping for.

The dinosaurs get plenty of face time. And I think most will be impressed with the direction Jurassic World has gone in. I only had a few complaints.
There’s a scene where the pterodactyls or whatever they are, are freed from their cage. Chaos then ensues as they attack people at random. My husband made a good point when he commented, “Did they really need to make a thousand of those things? What’s the gain in that? I think three would have sufficed for the park’s needs.” Very true. I’m sure the hundreds were made so we could have the epic attack scene. But if we are making these things, and not letting them breed, why would the park spend the money to make so many?

The orb ball that is a ride, is also unbelievable. Even if you throw logic aside and believe that they could create such a thing, there is no way that would be a ride at a park. The visitors are allowed to drive it at their own will. People are stupid. They would be ramming their ball into dinosaurs, we all know they would. It would have made more sense for the ride to be on a track.

Fans of the novels will be exited to know that bits were taken from the two books Michael Crichton made, that weren’t used in the first movies. For example, a color-changing dinosaur, which is from “The Lost World” book.

There are also a few nostalgic moments where memorabilia appears from the first park. Again, fans will feel a tingle of excitement at seeing those.
I can’t say much more because I don’t want to spoil the movie for folks. But def go see it, it will be worth your while.

Aloha, movie review

This movie… was different. The romance plot was decent enough. But there were frequent moments in the movie where I was just plain confused. You know those awkward moments in life where something happens and it’s just surreal and weird? Lots of those in this movie. I think they were supposed to be funny, but it was more embarrassing and made you wish you weren’t there watching. In other words, none of us were laughing. In fact, I think I laughed the most out of my theater companions, and I still wouldn’t give this movie a good rating on the “comedy” aspect of this romantic comedy.

For the non-romance plot, I really have no idea what was going on. I think there was too much “weird” mixed it and it ended up just confusing me.

If you enjoy romance movies, you could see it. But really, I wouldn’t recommend it. Maybe wait until it’s out on tv.

McFarland USA, movie review

I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for an underdog or Cinderella story. Right from the start, the movie has you rooting for Coach White, when he demeans the egotistical quarterback on his football team. He’s trying to teach the kids respect and they aren’t having any of it. So of course, when he goes to a primarily Mexican town, he settles in nicely. The youth of Mexico can be quite respectful toward their elders and Coach White is a fan of hard workers.

The movie, based on a true story, shows you how two cultures can meld and how people with completely different cultural backgrounds can come together and find a way to heal each other’s wounds.

If you are looking for an uplifting, inspirational movie, this is definitely a movie to see.

A note to parents, it very G, only a few cuss words, and moderate blood. But the plot is slow and kids are likely to be bored.

Fifty Shades of Grey, movie and book review

I’ll admit, it’s helpful to read the book before you see the movie. Things aren’t explained as thoroughly, which is often the case in a book to movie adaptation. A few times I felt the need to whisper something to my husband so he wouldn’t be lost. Although, I think he’d long since fallen asleep and quit paying attention.

There’s no over-voice, like in Twilight. So you don’t have to worry about hearing Ana’s internal thoughts. In the book, many of us were annoyed by them, so this is a plus. The jealousy is toned down, a lot. On both Ana and Grey’s side. There’s a few hints, but really it’s not there. In the book it was massive. Ana is jealous of the previous submissives and Mrs Robinson (the woman who introduced Grey to this sadism world). And Grey is jealous of every man in Ana’s life. Like I said, this is only in the book, only minimal traces are in the movie.

The whole, Ana being so nervous she never eats when around Grey, and him then being annoyed at her losing weight, is not in the movie. Some of his demands are also gone, like forcing her to exercise with a personal trainer, get waxed, eat only what he says, and so forth. The movie focuses the contract purely on sexual things.

The secondary characters are given very little screen time. In the book some of them play major roles. In the movie, they are glossed over. It works ok. If you read the book you’ll go, “oh that’s so and so.” And you might get a little thrill out of seeing them on the screen and a boost of pride at remembering them from the book. For those who haven’t read the book, you probably won’t notice them at all. Most of them are lucky if they even get a line of dialogue.

If you’ve read the book, you’ll know there is so much sex, it starts to get boring. Well, no worries with the movie adaptation. The sex scenes are cut down dramatically and the movie focuses on the story, not the sex. If you want to see the sex, I’m sure you can find some porn version to watch. The version in the theaters is not that kind of movie.

There is sex and nudity though. Grey takes his shirt off more than he does in the book. So you’ll see the cigarette burns right away. You’ll get plenty of butt and boob shots too. There’s glimpses of public hair, but nothing more. The directors took a more artful and elegant approach to everything. Trying to go for an emotional effect, rather than a graphic porn image. To me, it worked well.

There were a lot of things that were cut, not just sex scenes either. Less emails back and forth between Grey and Ana. Lots of subplots were cut, even those involving the main characters. But the main story line stays true. And the characters match those in the book. There is a lot of dialogue that is straight from the book.

Overall, I’d say if you read the book, you’ll enjoy the movie. If you haven’t read the book and don’t intend too, but you’re curious what all the talk is about. Then go see the movie. It’ll give you an idea of what everyone is talking about, and it’ll be easier to watch the movie than read the entire book. If you’re going because you are hoping to see sex and get aroused, you’ll be disappointed. This movie is a romance, a twisted dark romance, but a romance just the same. It’s not a porn.

I will say, my husband went with me, and he was bored. Most men don’t like romances, especially the serious kind. This was like a Lifetime movie or soap opera, with amazing acting. Did I mention the acting was spot on?

So girls go see it. Don’t worry, there are no scenes that will make you blush with embarrassment. It is R rated, but nothing beyond that. So don’t take your kids. But you could see it with your grandma.

“Jupiter Ascending” movie review

The reviews for this movie prepared me for the worst. But, to me, the movie isn’t nearly as bad the reviews claim.

First the plot. Yes, there are a lot of secondary plots that get confusing. But the main plot makes sense. I don’t get why so many people are saying they left the theater saying they had no idea what they’d just watched. But yes, some reviewers were confused, cause I reread the reviews after I saw it, and I think they slept through part of the movie.

I normally don’t do a plot synopsis in my reviews, but since there’s so much confusion and no else is providing a decent one. Here’s mine.

There are three siblings, son 1, son 2 and daughter. Their mother died and left bits of the universe to each of them. Son 1 got planet Earth and Planet Jupiter, maybe our whole galaxy, not sure, but the big deal is he got Earth. Son 2 has a lot of planets, but their total doesn’t come close to what Earth is worth. The daughter, has planets too, but the amount never comes up.

How do you rate the value? Well, all these planets are used for harvesting. Basically they “seed” a planet with human DNA. Once the planet population reaches a point that the planet cannot support it, they harvest all the people. It takes 100 people to make one Pringle can sized serum. This serum is used to keep people young. The three sibling are all between 10-20 thousand years old. Their mother was 91,000, if I’m remembering correctly.

Well, son 2 finds out how much Earth is worth, and he’s jealous. I guess he was mom’s favorite. So he decides to find their reincarnated mother. Turns out, that since they use their DNA to “seed” the planets, sometimes an exact replica of themselves can show up. Their mother knew about this and wrote up a will so her replica would get her inheritance back. What all that includes besides Earth, I’m not sure.
Son 2 thinks if he finds their new mom, he will get Earth. Son 1 finds out and sends his own folks in to find the mom. Daughter also sends in a group. Hence, the abduction of the girl named Jupiter, who is the reincarnation of their mother.

Each siblings kidnaps Jupiter at one point or another, and she falls in love with one of the people sent to hunt her too. He’s a half wolf-half human solder thing. I’ll admit I sorta zoned out during the scenes where they explained his backstory. It was one of those side plots that they should have left out.

The acting, pretty good. They lines were sometimes cheesy, but the actors did the best they could with what they were given.

The special effects were very “oh I’m watching CGI right now” and it was easy to imagine the actors flying around in front of a green-screen. I accidently went to a 3D showing. It did all some value I think, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t usually like 3D. I did zone out a little during some of the fight scenes.

One fight scene, while Jupiter and wolf guy are flying around in the sky, was artfully beautiful. But it gets repetitive when wolf guy says, “hold on” and then she totally falls off of him. Then this happens like six more times. You’d think someone would have figured out the plan wasn’t working. Toward the end of the movie there’s a scene where she’s running around in a collapsing building for no reason other than to let us see her do a couple more really long falls. The movie really should have been called Jupiter descending, cause she falls A LOT.

In the end, the movie is a mix of “The Fifth Element” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” But not as good as either. If you liked those movies, you’ll probably enjoy this one.

The Boy Next Door, movie review

From the start this movie seemed to have a formula in place and attempted to write some kind of story to make that formulaic plot make sense. Normally it’s something you see in Science Fiction, not… well whatever this was.

Cute boy moves in next door to a woman who is currently separated from her husband. They have a teenage son, fifteen-ish. The cute boy moves in to take care of his uncle who is getting a transplant. I missed the first few minutes, which would have given more background. But from what I gather the kid is at least eighteen, yet in high school.

Cute boy befriends the teenage son and uses him to manipulate the mother and father. He is obsessed with the mom, I think there are mommy issues going on, but it’s never made clear. Using various forms of manipulation and intimidation, he seduces the mom. Then he goes into super stalker mode.

The cute boy has bursts of anger, which start off as intriguing. But then at the end of the movie, it just spirals out of control. We go from watching a psychological thriller to an all-out horror complete with jabbing syringes into eyes. Yeah… a lot of us were squirming in our seats and saying, why, why did they go there? Why?

The actors did what they could with the script. But like I said, the movie felt like it was following a formula the entire time. I could mentally check each block as they used a scene to fulfill it. And then the end just went crazy.

If you like slow paced horror movies, then this one might be enjoyable. But you have to wait until the very end to get that slap-stick made for tv horror. Until then you have to find your enjoyment in staring at the gorgeous bodies of Ryan Guzman and Jennifer Lopez. That’s really the biggest appeal.