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The Space Between Us, movie review

I didn’t realize when I was heading in to see this movie that Gary Oldman was in it. I’m a long time big fan. As I was watching the film, at first I thought he was carrying the movie. The other actors weren’t performing on nearly the same level. He was overacting them on a massive scale. Sadly, this seemed to hurt the film more than help it, because it made the subpar acting quality of everyone else stand out more. If they had all be giving the same performance, I doubt I would have noticed anything.

Aside from that acting problem, the story was good. I liked the plot premise and the age old story of “the grass is always greener on the other side.” Some things didn’t add up or make sense at first, but by the end of the film it did, or at least came close enough satisfy me.

I wouldn’t add this to any must see lists, but if you are a fan of science fiction with a touch of romance, then you will likely enjoy this quaint little film.


Florence Foster Jenkins, movie review

This film is a heartfelt true story of Florence Foster Jenkins, just as the trailer and title suggest. For the most part, the movie was as expected. The part I wasn’t aware of until things started rolling, was that her devoted husband had a girlfriend. That extra bit of drama added just what the story needed to keep your curiosity peaked as to what exactly the dynamics of the shown relationships were.

This movie also taught me more about Syphilis than any sexual education class ever has. I had no idea the depths of the disease back before we had penicillin to treat it. If you want to scare someone straight in regards to unprotected sexual activity—this is the movie to show them.

The acting of everyone was amazing. And even though you would expect this kind of tale to be a bit slow paced and boring at parts, I never found that to be true. There was always some drama unfolding that you weren’t sure how it would end up.

Aside from the entertaining story, there are great lessons to be found about love, life, and great tidbits about American history and diseases in this film. I recommend it for all drama movie fans.

The Legend of Tarzan, movie review

I knew from the first trailer I saw that this movie was going to test my believability skills. In the trailer it shows a bit where he charges a male gorilla and they collide in midair. Reality says, that man dies. Of course, that’s not how the movie is going to do it.

The entire film is full of events like that. Tarzan nuzzling a pride of lionesses because he knew them when they were cubs. He’s pretty much the animal whisperer of all jungle animals.

There are two approaches to making a movie, one is to keep it real and obey the rules of the world we all know. The second is to make up your own rules. Fantasy and science fiction movies do this. You clearly define the new rules and we accept them. But every so often there is a movie that tries to stay grounded in the real world and convince you that their fantasies are realistic. This is what “The Legend of Tarzan” tries to do. I couldn’t enjoy the movie because the entire time I was screaming—“That isn’t real! That couldn’t happen! He grew up with animals! He could never learn or understand human speech with the capability they are showing him! It’s biologically not possible. Those animals don’t act like that. Physics doesn’t work like that. That boat is barely tilted, why is that guy acting like he’s going to fall to his doom if Tarzan let’s go?” Oh the list goes on and on.

So yeah, this movie was a flop in my mind. If I just could have believed in the fantasy, it could have been a good movie. But something about how they did it just kept breaking the illusion.

Good effects, moderately entertaining and somewhat original plot, acting is meh. If you want an action movie, you’ll probably think it’s a bit slow in parts. I could see some people liking it, but really—it gets a recommend you skip—from me.