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Finding Dori, Movie Review

This movie had me a bit worried. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t exist if Ellen DeGeneres hadn’t done some nudging. So with the fact it’s a sequel combined with it possibly being created around Ellen’s desire to simply have there be a movie about Dori. I was concerned about the quality and actual plot it might contain.

As it is, I was pleasantly surprised. They used the decade between movie releases as time well spent in flushing out a sequel that stands up well to the original.

I know I say this a lot, if you liked the original, you’ll like the second. But it really is true for this situation. And as a note to all of you who are like me, and find themselves crying at nearly all animated Disney movies, you can take heart in knowing this one did not make me cry. It stays a bit more light hearted, although yes, there are some emotional moments.

The Nice Guys, movie review

The trailers for this movie, leave you a bit unsure of the actual plot, but the comedic value that is promised is spot on. This is a murder mystery detective movie taking place in the seventies. For those who grew up in or near that time frame, you’ll enjoy the trip down memory lane. There were several movie billboards in the background, authentic cars, and other jokes that only someone well versed on that decade would truly appreciate.

The comedy, tho dark at times with all the murders and violence, keeps the tone light hearted and the audience chuckling. The atmosphere created by the actors and strict adherence to the era truly make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time.

The acting, directing, plot, jokes, well, the whole thing gets a thumbs up from me. There was never a moment were I was bored nor could I predict the ever twisting plot. A few aspects of the movie did lose me as the plot gets fairly deep in conspiracies at a few points, but it didn’t distract me from enjoying the movie. Overall, it’s a must see comedy, even if this genre isn’t usually your style.

Angry Birds, movie review

The reviews for this movie set the bar pretty high. One never knows what to expect when a game is turned into a movie. I am happy to report that “Angry Birds” pulled it off. This film has something for everyone, both the kids and their parents will be delightfully entertained.

Red is the star of the movie and is your typical outsider. He is the only person who is suspicious of, well, anything. He collects his rag tag group of fellow outcasts he meets during anger management training and the adventure begins. Fans of the game will be delighted to see how the birds from the game were translated onto the big screen. Some birds didn’t show all their powers that we know they have, and I’m pretty sure this is to set the stage for a sequel. If you stick around after the movie, you’ll see the introduction of a main character who is missing for majority of the movie.

So go see “Angry Birds!” You won’t regret it. It was so good, I may go see it again.

Keanu, movie review

I was excited to see this film. A cute kitten as the center of a comedy? Grown men fighting over this adorable little guy? Yes, sign me up. I know some critics say this joke wasn’t strong enough to hold up for an entire feature length film, but I disagree. The jokes and hilarity keep coming and the story was much more well thought through than what you normally see in a comedy.

The ending does kind of fall apart, and the writers kind of give up on reality and just do whatever to create a solid conclusion, but up until those last ten minutes, the film skirts the reality well enough to be believable.

If you like comedies or any work previous done by these comedians (Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele), I would highly suggest you go see this film.