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Logan, movie review

For once, I don’t think watching previous X-men movies is required to grasp what is going on in this film. You might not grasp a few cameos from previous movies, but otherwise, this film does a good job standing on its own.

Unlike recent X-Men movies, were we mostly went back and covered events in the past, this film concentrated on the future, the distance future, where Professor X and Wolverine are really the last natural born mutants left. Guess why? Fructose corn syrup. Yup, it stopped us from having mutant babies, go figure.

Mutants are now made via cloning. X-23 or Laura is a female clone of Logan. I thought it was stupid that the movie kept trying to say Logan was her dad. To me there is a big difference between a clone and your offspring. But I get it, the directors were trying to go for a parental care giving vibe, maybe like what they had going on in the first movie with Rogue and Wolverine.

There were also some things done for the “wow” or “cool” factor. Like coating Laura’s claws with Adamantium. At first I thought they were trying to say her entire skeleton was coated, and I was like, why would they do that? She’s a kid. She’s going to grow!! But I did some research and it was only done to her claws. Which is still stupid, cause her claws will grow as she does, just like a kitten’s claws are bigger when they are all grown up. So her growing pains are sure going to suck.

People are trying to say this movie was gory for gore’s sake, perhaps trying to be like “Deadpool.” But if you think about it, all of the Wolverine movies were a bit heavy on the gore, so to me it was expected. Nothing is too brash or crude, like in “Deadpool.” To me, it stayed in step with the “X-Men Origins Wolverine” and “The Wolverine.”

So should you see it? Sure. Although I think most have already made up their mind and are seeing it!


Kong: Skull Island, movie review

A normal movie theater doesn’t do this film justice. It needs to be seen on an IMAX and in 3D. The fight scenes, landscapes, and monsters are amazing. Sadly, I saw it in a normal theater, but I was wishing I was seeing it in on a bigger screen. So don’t make the same mistake I did. Half of this movie’s greatness is its special effects, which you won’t be fully enjoying on a small screen.

I thought the movie might be a bit like the King Kong movie that Jack Black was in, with John C. Reilly playing the quirky character that Jack Black had played. I was wrong. The movie was more like “Land of the Lost” with Will Farrell, which I did think was a good comedy. And that’s what “Kong: Skull Island” is, a comedy.

So go in, expect to laugh and enjoy some awesome special effects. Don’t expect much beyond that, and you’ll have a good time.

Split, movie review

I’m not a fan of every M. Night Shyamalan movie, I doubt anyone is, but this is one of the better ones. The plot does move a bit slow and go for the suspenseful feel, but there is a constant twist of unpredictability that keeps the audience engaged. As with any horror type movie, there are moments where the characters on the screen are making mistakes that you, the audience, know will lead to disaster. I reminded myself that the women kidnapped were teenagers, so their mistakes are understandable because they are kids who don’t know any better.

Overall the film is highly original, and most of the plot twists are hard to see coming, minus the failed attempts the girls make at trying to escape. The end of the film has a scene that might confuse some if you aren’t familiar with M. Night Shyamalan‘s past works. Bruce Willis makes an appearance and there is a reference to a movie he starred in previously, “Unbreakable,” which was also done by M. Night Shyamalan. This might make some think there is a sequel in the works, but in reality I think it means “Split” was the sequel.

Hidden Figures, Movie Review

With this movie already getting five star reviews from practically everyone, I doubt you need me to tell you that I also found this to be a good film.

The acting, Oscar worthy. The plot, just enough action and comedy to keep things moving and prevent things from getting too slow. There were some bits of romance when we delved into Katharine’s home life that slowed the movie a bit, but I get why it was there. Focusing only on her career would have left some of the tale untold.

What surprised me the most about this movie wasn’t the movie itself. It was the audience it attracted. Usually, when I see a movie where the topic is black suffrage, like the Martin Luther King Jr movie “Selma” from 2014 or “Free State of Jones” from 2016, I’m the only white person in the audience. I expected something similar with “Hidden Figures.” That was not the case. This movie managed to draw in all ages, races, and genders. It seems to appeal to everyone, which is very rare for a historical movie to do.

Well done, is all I have to say. If you want to learn a new side of history, or just be entertained for a few hours, this is the movie to see.