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Ready Player One, Movie Review

I’ll start by saying, I have not read the book this movie was based on. Those I know who have read it, tell me the book is vastly different. No car race, no “The Shining” movie, and the character’s don’t get together in real life until after they win the game.

So, judging this movie simply as a movie. My impression was that instead of trying to be original, the film grabbed fan favorites from other movies and put them in this film. When the audience would see something they enjoyed from a previous film, it would give them the nostalgic feel they felt from the other film, tricking the viewer into thinking they were enjoying this film. No one left the theater saying, “wow what a great plot.” They were leaving, chattering about the things they saw that reminded them of their childhood. Perhaps, this is due to the butchering the plot endured in the translation from book to movie.

To me, it seemed too much time was spent on adding little bits and pieces from other films and attaining their copyrights, rather than just trying to make a good movie.

The special effects are done well. And if you are planning to see the film, you should try to see it in theaters, so you can appreciate the artistic endeavor.

For the target audience, its really hard to say. There are pop culture items from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and modern day. So there will be items for everyone. Obviously, to get the most out of it, I would say someone born in the early 70s, who would have grown up during majority of the pop culture items.

Overall, its worth seeing. But there are some plot holes that exist due to the poor book to movie translation. So when you watch it, try not to think too much and instead just enjoy the fun adventure.


Winchester, movie review

So, I normally don’t see movies about hauntings or that seem possibly based on cheap tactics to get a jump out of the audience. I usually don’t enjoy them, so keep in mind my bias as you read this.

The movie was a bit like “The Sixth Sense” in that it tricks you into thinking people are real and then you find out they were ghosts. Sadly, since “The Sixth Sense” was so popular, whenever another movie does it, they are going to be pegged as a copycater. This film did do it well, but it still falls in the “it’s been done” category. Most of the “surprises” can be predicted, at least if you go to the movie and put effort into trying to predict things.

Overall, to me the film was a 90 minute commercial to stir up interest in the historical house, which is a real house that does ghost tours. Don’t get me wrong, the movie is good. The acting is sound, it has a plot, there are twists, and you even learn a bit about history. So if you like a good tale about ghosts, you shouldn’t be disappointed. Will you be jumping out of your seat in fright? Or squirming from the gore? Meh, unlikely. But you will want to go visit the house!!!