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The Scientific Method, book review (covers first five books in series)

The first book: Scientific Method

For me this book was highly original and delved into areas most would shy from. I think most can relate to the emotional roller coaster the main character, Will, felt. He’s not getting what he wants from sex, and he thinks he would enjoy it more if there was some pain involved. Thanks to his brother’s coaxing, he explores his desires. Who hasn’t wanted to try something that they think most would judge them for? If it isn’t normal, it’s wrong, right?

I think that’s why this book works. We can relate to Will. He is straight, but can’t afford a woman dom. So he ends up with a gay dom who is willing to whip him for a few hours, in exchange for yard work. Then Will starts to fall for his gay dom, which I think is natural, since he’s satisfying his dark needs.

The twist at the end of the book is, there is no happily ever after. They don’t end up as a couple. To me, this makes the book all the more real. How often does a sexual relationship end up in a happily ever after? Not often. Instead these characters grow and learn from each other, then move on.

Book 2: Hugh’s New Dude

An interesting direction for the books to go in. A threesome with only men? Have to say, this is a first, for me as a reader. It’s basically an idea branched from a man who is a prostitute of sorts, getting a steady boyfriend and slowly bringing his boyfriend in on the fun he has with his favorite client, who happens to be a man he has strong feelings for.

The book is a quick read. Under 30,000 words, which qualifies it as a novella. To me, it should be priced lower or combined with more books from the series.

Book 3: Unexpected Gifts

Now that Hugh has a steady boyfriend, it’s only natural for Will to get a steady girlfriend. A girlfriend who is okay with Will having sex with two men. I feel strongly that this book and book 2 should have been combined into one. I’m think the author split them up just to make more of a profit. Both were under 30,000 words.

Really nothing more to say about this book. It’s too short for much significance to happen. I’ll keep proceeding with the books for now, but really, I’m getting annoyed at how these are all split up.

Book 4: Take Three Breathes

The story seemed to stagnate at this level. It focuses on the depression one character feels after the death of someone they know. It might have held more punch if the person who died had actually been close the character. As it was, me as the reader was unable to relate to the situation and the characters just seemed to be over dramatic about it. But, maybe a more sensitive person would be able to relate better.

Book 5: Breaking Down

This book started off like it might be trying to make a point about sexual assault victims. But then it turned into the girl who was raped, actually making behavior changes that had nothing to do with her rape. She wanted to sleep with as many men as possible, and not date anyone. The rape might have been the trigger, but in the end, it’s just what she wanted. So, she breaks up with Will.

Yup, that’s the story. If you are reading the entire series and debating if you should skip any of them. This is one that could easily be skipped. Cause it’s really just a very long, drawn out break-up story between Molly and Will. There are some touching moments though and overall it was an okay read.

Scientific Method by Kris Ripper
Hugh’s New Dude by Kris Ripper
Unexpected Gifts by Kris Ripper
Take Three Breathes by Kris Ripper
Breaking Down by Kris Ripper

Decompose Twilight Books

I have combined my first four novels into one novella containing abridged versions of all four, Decompose Twilight Books. The kindle is available for 99 cents.

The undead are rising… and unicorns are among us.

Earth is much like you know it today, the Plague of Decompose is present but unknown. Mortimer suspects more is going on, possibly alien abductions. The only way for him to uncover the truth is to remember a son he wishes only to forget.

Decompose is free. For the first time in his life, he is free. The plague drives him mad and Dee, soon to be known throughout the galaxy as Decompose, unleashes his plague on his home world, Earth. Those infected turn into raving cannibals—often called zombies.

Discover how Jhon became the cure to the Plague of Decompose is this abridged collection of the four novels covering the initial outbreak of the infection.

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