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Pixals, movie review

Adam Sandler movies have steadily been getting worse over the years. The premise of this movie was good, but the focus was on the wrong thing.

I loved the parts of the movie were the aliens were being fought. Once we figured out what was going on and played the games with the aliens it was great. The pixals that make up the aliens is artfully done. I would have gladly spent the entire movie watching the games.

However that is not what this movie did. I’d say the game scenes are about ten minutes of the movie. The other hour and half, is a regular Adam Sandler movie. At first, I was impressed that they were bothering to give me back story and try to get me to connect with the characters. But that soon faded into annoyance. The characters were shallow, and the film seemed to be making fun of itself as well as anyone who might be interested in watching the film. This is the kind of comedy that focuses on putting people down and amplifying faults.

I did not enjoy the comedy or storyline.

The first thirty minutes of the movie is boring and unfunny. The first two “games” with the aliens is really them just attacking an area. There is no explanation and I’m not even sure what games are being represented.

I really wish the movie would have focused less on the comedy and characters and more on playing the games with aliens.

If you like other Adam Sandler movies, than you’ll probably like this one too. But for me, it was just weird and confusing, with a few good parts of animation.