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Alvin and the Chipmunks; the Road Chip, movie review

Those who are Ian (David Cross) fans will be sad to hear that his character is not in this movie. He is replaced by an obsessed Air Marshal (Tony Hale) that does not do nearly as good at being a villain as Ian did.

I did like the message the movie brought about blending families. At first the chipmunks are opposed to their potential stepbrother, but as the movie progresses they bring him into their fold as one of their own. The kid even turns a new leaf, showing the whole, if you give someone a chance and love them—they may not turn out to be quite so rotten.

I was saddened by the fact they didn’t sing any original Chipmunk songs. Not that I recognized, anyway. They were all current songs sang in the Chipmunk fashion. I assume this is a way to get the new generation to enjoy the music, but it would have been cool to throw in a few originals for us old fans.

Overall it is a good movie to see with your kids. There’s some good lessons to be learned and no one will be bored. There’s humor for all types.