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Annie (2014) movie review

This movie provided exactly what the trailer promised. If you watch the trailer and like it, then you’ll probably enjoy the movie. The acting: great, cinematography: great, story & plot: great. My favorite part were some fantastic one-liners.

A few things to keep in mind though. It is two hours long. And that’s pretty long for a musical. Yup, there is lots of singing. It is done well and in an entertaining manner but if you don’t like musicals, skip it. (it reminded me of Disney movies, but slightly more broadway-ish)

If you like Jamie Foxx, you’ll be delighted with the movie. He gives what I’d call, “his smoldering look” quite often in the movie.

Second, yes, it is very G rated, and appropriate for kids of all ages, in the fact that there is no inappropriate material in it. But again, weigh in the two hours (plus trailers) before you drag your kids to it. There were A LOT of parents having to get up and take their kids to the bathroom during the movie.

I imagine this movie doing great once its out on DVD. Your kids can watch it, sing along with the songs, and take all the breaks they need.

So my advice, skip it in the theaters and buy it on DVD.