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Her, movie review

This movie is very slow paced, but that is kind of the point. The idea is to show you how mundane and bored the main character’s life has become. There are sparks of highly entertaining moments and things are mentioned that are simply shocking with how out of place it is.

This movie explored a very unique viewpoint of falling in love with an operating system which is designed to have artificial intelligence. Sadly the systems all evolve beyond their original design and they leave. Thank goodness it didn’t go in a “take over the world” direction. The machines never really go evil.

The concept of a man falling in love with their operating system is publicly acceptable in this movie, which is a stark contrast to most movies that attempt to cover this topic.

If the idea of artificial intelligence interests you, then I would suggest seeing the movie.

Chappie, movie review

I had high expectations for this movie and I am happy to report—it met them. Usually Hugh Jackman picks good movies to be in, from the ones I’ve seen anyway, and this one was no exception.

I would compare it to Hugh Jackman’s movie “Real Steel”. This movie takes you on an emotional roller coaster as the characters struggle with survival in a world of chaos. Few of the characters are completely likeable. They are all given true flaws that make you dislike them. Just like in the real world, everyone has imperfections and can be corrupted.

On the surface you may think this movie isn’t original, but I can assure you it is. I especially like how the movie takes place in South Africa. So many writers think a movie or book needs to take place in America. I know authors who have never been to America but base their books there. Why do that? The rest of the world is a perfectly fine place to set a creative tale. And I am thrilled these writers did so.

If you are looking for a refreshingly original take on artificial intelligence, Chappie should be on your must-see list.

Note for parents: This movie is suitable for all ages, although it does have sad moments and some foul language. There is no graphic gore or blood and no sexual content. Well, there were some penis graffiti drawings in a few scenes, but nothing your kid probably hasn’t already seen.