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Beautiful Boy, movie review

I knew from the trailer this was going to be a slow paced movie. And yes, I saw it was two hours long and totally checked my watch a few times as I was watching it. As other reviews will tell you, the acting is superb, for all involved. The message is also a good one, it’s promoting awareness about drug abuse and might open the eyes of some people who didn’t already know of the problem and for those whose lives have been affected by drugs, it might be a nice, “you aren’t alone” kind of message.

My compliments end there.

The story is a mash up of two books, one wrote by the dad, the other by the son (drug user). Maybe the books tell the tale better. This movie seemed like a jumble of scenes that no one bothered to put in a sequential order. There were flashbacks, time jumps, and I had no idea what was the present timeline. If there was one.

The son’s life appeared to cover 4-6 years, based off rehab and sobriety time references. But the younger siblings never aged, they appeared the same age every time they were shown, so it was more like six months passed.

And the son kept using all these drugs, massive amounts apparently, but the topic of where the money was coming from to fund this addiction was never addressed. It made me feel like a whole chunk of the story was missing.

Overall, great message, poor execution. I may check out the books to see if they’ll fill in the plot holes.