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Before I Fall, movie review

Some will say this movie is similar to others. I mean, the idea of repeating the same day over and over until you figure it out and alter events to be the way they should, isn’t new. We’ve seen it in “Groundhog day” and countless holiday specials for Christmas. “Before I Fall” even picks a holiday to have their character stuck on, Valentine’s Day.

Despite the obstacle of originality, I felt the movie did great. The main character, Sam, did go through the normal cycle of getting tired of doing the same day over and over, trying to perfect the day so she doesn’t die, and yes, being a bad girl and doing whatever she wants. But during all this, the character learns about the people around her, and eventually realizes what she must do. The day she wakes up, all the knowledge learned, the audience can sense what is going to happen. She’s saying her final goodbyes. This is going to be her last day, ever.

So yes, the ending takes a wickedly dark ending. And the lesson behind it is massive.

The four girls, the main character and her three friends, have spent much of their childhoods bullying one girl. The main character of the story was never the main bully, she was more of a bystander bully, the one who let it happen and never stopped it. She’s now the one who has to pay the price, and sacrifice her life, to save the girl who they have been teasing.

With so much talk these days of bullying. This movie is great at showing people the repercussions of such a thing, and hopefully it will motivate a few folks to stand up and do the right thing.

Stepping away from the plot, I’d also like to say the acting quality in the movie was amazing. The main cast was young, especially the kid who played the sister of Sam, and all performed wonderfully. Without their great acting, the movie would not have had the same impact. Because let’s face it, the scene is just a normal high school day, nothing spectacular or special, but when you throw in emotional acting that rings true and is relatable, the movie becomes a winner.