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Ben Hur, movie review

I should have done a bit more research on this one. I didn’t know who Ben-Hur was. I merely saw in the trailers that there were chariot races and it was a story of revenge. Turns out there was only one chariot race and a good hour and a half of build up for it. I didn’t know Jesus was making an appearance either, so that threw me and I thought it was a tactic to attract more fans. Yeah… obviously I’ve never seen the original. If I had, I would have known to skip this movie. I can’t tell you if the remake is any good, or how much they changed it from the original.

I can say, the effects are amazing, especially the chariot race. The ending gets a bit cheesy and feels rushed. The happily ever after just didn’t fit with the rest of the film, but since it was a remake, they likely did this to keep it true to the original.