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Book Club, movie review

As is quite obvious, the target audience for this movie is people of the same age as the four main actresses. And although I don’t fall in that category, I think the movie does hit its mark, and people of that generation should enjoy the flick. Of course, in my opinion it wasn’t the smartest audience to aim for, since I doubt that generation makes up a large portion of the movie theater goers these days, but whatever.

The movie obviously aimed for being relatable. Each of the women is in a situation that any 60 something woman is likely to fall into. (Unless they are poor, that category was not touched on.) One is divorced and attempting to get back into the dating game after years of being single. One is a widow with adult children who are trying to smother her, and she finds new romance. One has forever been single and reconnects with the lost love of her past. And the last, is married and dealing with her husband’s lack of libido.

The four read the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy in their book club and it inspires them to seek new romance, despite their over-the-hill status. Simple plot, filled with things you could easily see in real life. I can’t say there was anything great about the movie, nor anything horrible. It was a so-so movie with a very specific demographic.