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Wild, movie and book review

I went and saw “Wild” in theaters, thinking it would be an inspirational underdog story. Maybe something like “Dallas Cowboys” or “127 hours”. I was thinking of those movies, because I knew “Wild” was about a woman who went hiking as a means to cleanse herself of drug and sex addiction problems.

Although the movie is good. It doesn’t have nearly the emotional punch that the other movies have. I think what mostly turned me off was what I’d call, “the author factor.” As in, right from the start, the author of the book makes it clear that she is an English major and that writing is her dream. I don’t think the people in “Dallas Cowboys” and “127 hours” ever thought their life torments would become a novel. But Cheryl Strayed was thinking it from point one.

It’s the same problem I often encounter when I’m watching a movie that is directed, written and the main star is the same person. A little too much, me-me-me, going on. And well, I don’t like authors who can’t shut up about being authors. Tell me your story and stop bragging about how literate you are please.

Anyway-after I saw the movie, I was left with too many questions. The movie hinted at a lot of things but didn’t tell me the whole story. So I downloaded the book and read through it in two days. And I am happy to report, the book filled in all the blanks.

So this is sadly one of those movies that you shouldn’t see, unless you’ve read the book. I mean, you’ll get the basics of what’s going on. But you’ll be left with questions.

I did enjoy the changes the movie did to the book in some aspects. But one that annoyed me is how the movie makes it seem like Cheryl is the only woman at that time to be hiking alone. In the book, guess what? She encounters several other women who are hiking alone or in groups. The movie pushed the whole, she’s the first to do this. And it’s so rare for a woman to do this. Yeah, no. She is the first to do it with little to no training. Which I would argue. In the book it’s explained that she lived, sort of as a hippie, no electricity, indoor water, ect, for most of her teenage years. So she is well versed in living “rough” as they would say.

I can only hope that anyone who sees the movie and suddenly thinks they can go hiking with little to no experience, does a little research and finds out that Cheryl had more experience than most.

The overall meaning behind the movie and book is a nice one. And if some of the egotistical nature of it all would was removed, the book would be better. Much of this is removed in the movie, you’ll be happy to know.

I’d rate it a so-so. I didn’t cry or get emotional during the movie or book. I cringed a little at the toenails falling off, but that’s probably because I’ve had that happen to me, so I could sympathize. The scenery is nice in the movie and there’s some nudity, if you’re into that. But it’s not as inspirational as other movies out there you could see. Oh, and if you’re hiker, don’t see it. From what I’ve heard, you’ll get annoyed.