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Curious, by R.G. Alexander, book review

A lot of love stories are hard to believe, because you have two characters that have just met and they are suddenly madly in love. And you as the reader know it’s just lust but you’re forced to believe it’s true love because the author says so.

This book dared to be different. The two men in this book have been friends for decades, best pals. And the adage, you end up marrying your best friend, comes true for them. When one friend decides he wants to experiment and try a few homosexual things out with his longtime friend, the two end up falling for each other.

If the backstory of them having known each other for so long wasn’t there, it wouldn’t have been a believable story. Same for how paranoid and insecure Jeremey is. He was given a backstory, parents abandoning him, which explained why he has an illogical fear of his new lover leaving him. That’s how you make real believable characters. You give them a history.

The best parts of this novel were the witty dialogue between the characters. Just when things were seeming too serious, a character would say a one line zinger that would leave you in stitches. Just like a real friend would. Again, this book shined in the believability department.

If you are on the prowl for a good male/male erotica, this is a good one to pick up.

Curious: The Finn Factor Series
By R.G. Alexander