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Wonder Woman, movie review

Most have probably already told you this movie was good. Most of the comic-book-to-big-screen movies are these days. Keep in mind this is a DC comic movie, so it ties into the world with Superman, Batman, and Batman vs Superman. This film takes us back in time to explain the origins of Wonder Woman and it explains the photo shown in Batman vs Superman.

This is a traditional story of an isolated person seeing and experiencing the world for the first time with an almost childlike wonder and innocence. It’s not exactly original, but it does a good job of making us, the audience, rethink how we view the world.

Wonder Woman is willing to do things that no one else will do. She empowers others to step up because she is. This is by far a movie about women empowerment, but there is plenty of action to appeal to the men who also view the film.

If I had to compare it to another movie, I would pick “Captain America.” Both characters have an innocence about them, and in both movies, the enemy is the German Nazi.