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Maris: The Brotherhood Chronicles, book review

This is the third novel I’ve read by this author, although it’s listed as a new series, it takes place in the same world as the previous Deamhan novels. (you can follow it just fine, even if you haven’t read the others)

Unlike the other novels, this one follows one Deamhan in particular, Maris, from day one of her becoming a Deamhan. I enjoyed this method of introduction to the Deamhan world. I never felt like the character knew more than me, so we both learned through trial and error, who to trust and who not to trust.

The story is quite graphic, these are not friendly or romantic vampires. (Deamhan are similar to vampires but of a different species, there’s a glossary in the back to help you sort it out.) Humans are killed without remorse, which can take a bit to get used too. But if you are a dire hard vampire or horror fan, this book should be right up your alley and on your to-read list.

Maris: The Brotherhood Chronicles
by Isaiyan Morrison

Deamhan book review

I’ve only read a few Vampire books. And most seem to just copy each other in one aspect or another. This book was refreshing in the fact that it wasn’t just about Vampires. The author created their own supernatural creatures called Deamhan. Background and history was given for all these races, so much so, that really, Vampires could have been excluded and then the book would have been completely original.

The plot was riddled with conspiracies, lies and the like. Pretty much every character you are introduced too, likely has an ulterior motive going on. To me, I like my stories less bogged down with backstabbing and lies, all those subplots can get confusing. But this story did a good job of keeping it all straight.

I did have trouble believing in the world. Not for the reasons you would think either. I wasn’t told otherwise, so I assumed the book takes place in current time and the Deamhan /Vampires are just hidden. Most of us don’t know they exist, kind of thing.

But the problem with that logic is… one Deamham/Vampire appears to feed on… oh five people a night, on average. And they have nightclubs, and hidden places where just dozens of humans are being kept hostage and eventually tortured and murdered. There are quite of few of these creatures too, not just one or two per town. I’d say there are hundreds, if not more just in Minneapolis, the town the book takes place. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

If you do the math, whoa is that a lot of people who are going missing and or turning up murdered. Unless these creatures are smuggling their victims in from some third world country, which is unlikely since they are living in a landlocked state in the United States. I would think not only would people be aware that there is something fishy going on but eventually they’d run out of willing subjects. It’s going to get harder and harder to snag people off the street if a thousand people are going missing EVERY night in ONE CITY. The stats aren’t that bad, even in your biggest cities. (I checked Minneapolis had 39 murders in 2012.) Even if there is only one Deamhan in a big city, five people going missing/murdered EVERY night, is still a lot. (1,825 victims a yr for one Deamhan)

Maybe most people who read supernatural books accept this high number of deaths as normal, but I had trouble accepting it.

So… aside from that logistical error… the book was a good read. If you are into darker Vampire books, you should add Deamhan to your to-read list.