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Cinderella (2015) Disney, movie review

Despite being advised against seeing this, I was allured to this movie by the flashy commercials. The movie appeared to be a quaint romance and perhaps a new, cheery take on the classic story.

I guess it was… but it was also boring. This is the first movie that I’ve ever viewed where I was wishing someone would break out in song. It would have livened things up. Scenes dragged on where people just stared at each other, or the audience was forced to stare at a character that was really doing nothing. I mean, it took so freaking long for Cinderella’s dress to materialize…

First, the part that grated on me the most was the computer animated animals. Some might have been robotics too, I don’t know. But the goose, I wanted to smack it off the screen every time I saw it. The mice and lizards were obvious CGI. Why? Real animals could have been used and could have performed very similar tricks that the computer animated ones did. With the technology we have today, I think most viewers expect more. If you can’t create me a CGI character that’s so good I have trouble telling whether it’s real or CGI… then you are better off just giving me a real animal.

Second, the acting. I have no doubt the actors were performing as directed. But every character in that movie came off as having a low IQ. I mean, super low. Some had their mouth hanging open for the entire movie, but that could have been the corsets at work.

The comedy fell short, for pretty much the entire movie.

I tried to think of who would want to see this movie, who it is targeted at. Best I can come up with is your young girls. But they would need to be old enough to sit through a boring movie but young enough to not realize every character in the movie is an idiot.