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Inside Out, movie review

Another good Pixar-Disney movie. Yes, most of the jokes that will leave you in stitches are in the trailers you’ve likely already seen. But the plot is most certainly going to touch you in ways you won’t expect. This is a movie that is much more emotional than it’s being advertised as.

Ever wonder why we have mood swings? This movie takes an original and imaginative route toward explaining it. And makes us understand that it’s okay to not always be happy. Those other emotions are part of what make us human and help us grow up.

I’m not so sure I’d take my super young kids to see this, but anyone eight on up, should enjoy it. The younger crowd just won’t get what’s going on and there isn’t enough easy humor to keep them entertained. But I could be wrong, the kids in the theater did seem okay. Although a few were… not so happy after the movie ended. Cause the ending, ain’t that cheerful. Remember Big Hero 6? This movie is kinda like that.

Big Hero 6, movie review

This movie is the perfect mesh of fantasy and character. It takes place in a fictional city that is some hybrid of Tokyo and San Francisco. Technology is highly advanced. But that is not the focus. We quickly bond to our main character and his brother.

The secondary characters are all stereotypes, but that’s to be expected in a cartoon. They are still entertaining and have their moments of originality.

The plot has an emotional kick to it, on several levels. And there are numerous plot twists, some are easy to figure out, others will surprise you.

Is this as amazing as “frozen” or “the incredibles”. No, but it’s in the same realm. I did notice some bored kids, so gauge accordingly. I think the adults were enjoying it more. I’d mark it as a must see. And yes, it’s worth it to see in the theaters. There are quite a few action scenes that are nice on the big screen and would be enjoyable in 3-D, although I did not see that version.