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Movie Review, “Divergent” Seen in theaters

When I heard about how “Divergent” was being compared to “The Hunger Games” I was curious to see whether this would hold true. Lately the attempts by the movie industry to convert young adult books into movies, has been failing. “The Host” and “City of Bones” are prime examples of how the books just didn’t translate right. I mean, I was just lost the entire time when I was watching “City of Bones.” A person shouldn’t need to read the book first, in order to understand the movie.
So, the big question is, is “Divergent” good? Should you go see it? Well… that’s a tough question to answer.
The story and plot kept my interest, but that was mostly because I was having trouble figuring out what was going on. I kept hoping that eventually they would explain things. I caught on early that it was a book to movie translation problem. I had “cheated” and read a bit of book before I went. And it was what I read, and only what I read, that helped me to understand the first fifteen minutes of the film. (cause that’s as far as I read)
The move was unpredictable, and yet, not original. How exactly they managed to pull that off, kept me boggled throughout the movie. There were moments where it seemed like the characters might be put in an uncomfortable position and actually get some drama going. But then, the author seemed to chicken out and decide to play it safe rather than stir up some controversy. Most of the characters fell flat, they just didn’t have EMOTION. Everyone was just going through the motions. If that’s how they were meant to be, then fine, but that’s a hard act to pull off. If the characters don’t feel anything, how are we supposed too?
Now the little love story, just made me… well gag. It was lame.
As I was watching the movie, I could tell what the author was trying to do. And I even know where they messed up. You see, the appeal of movies and books like the “Twilight Saga”, “Hunger Games” and even “Fifty Shades of Grey” is one big thing. The girls reading these books, not only want to be the heroine in the book, but they can imagine themselves as the heroine. The heroine is relatable, we can see what she’s experiencing and say, “Yes, I want that. Yes, I know what that feels like.”
The chick in “Divergent” is not relatable. There are not enough girls out there who dream of running off to join what seems like an underground fight club/biker gang. None of us girls are watching the movie thinking, gee I wish that was me running to catch a train and getting the shit beat out of me boxing. We are thinking, “I would never do that, she is crazy.”
Without the “relatable” content, the secret to the success of these movies, it will never do as well as the movies its being compared too. Maybe the book accomplished this, but the movie did not.
So… would I suggest seeing it? Again, it’s a complicated question. I mean, my mind did wander quite a bit during the movie. So I was bored. But it was an interesting plot… just told in a very boring and unrelatable way. There wasn’t even any good eye candy for me to tell you, well you can just stare at them and ignore the flat dialog. Even “City of Bones” had awesome music for me to zone out too.
I’d say wait until the movie comes out on DVD. So if you get bored, you can go do something else for a while. If you’ve read the books… I would go. At least you’ll understand what’s going on. And you already know you’ll be bored, cause you’ve read the book. Win-win.