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Doctor Strange, movie review

I’ll admit I’ve been a bit turned off with how complicated the marvel movie world has become, with all the interlinking of the different story lines and movies, but Doctor Strange looked independent enough that I wouldn’t feel lost by the fact I can’t recall the details in all the other movies.

I am happy to report I was correct. It wasn’t until the bonus end scenes played, that the links were put in that connect the film to the other marvel movies. In other words, I’ll be lost in the sequels. But this origins story stands fine by itself. So if you’ve never seen any other marvel movie, you can go see this one and walk away happy.

The story is good, lots of action, great witty dialogue, mostly believable, and the time altering stuff was done as well as a person can hope for. I did see it in 3D and I’d say if you can afford the extra dough, it’s a movie worth seeing in 3D.

So, this gets a thumbs up from me.