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Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Movie Review

I’ll be honest, I saw this movie because there just weren’t many movies out that looked appealing. So I figured, meh, maybe I’ll learn some Spanish if I see this one. I’ve only see bits and pieces of the actual cartoon, just enough to know the basics of who Dora is. So I’m sure there were tons of things in the movie that avid fans would have laughed at or enjoyed that were lost on me. So keep in mind, this is a review from someone who doesn’t know the cartoon.

The acting, surprisingly good, from everyone. Dora keeps her upbeat spirit, but she loses it a few times when those around her lash out, making her feel very human and relatable. And although Dora seems plucked right from the cartoon, her costars are very realistic and point out the oddities everyone is thinking but won’t say. Like, “I can’t leave my cousin alone with some sweaty, anxious guy we just met.” A nice touch, since so often in kid adventures the kids just run off with random adults like that’s an okay thing.

There’s tons of funny moments, that often tie back to the cartoon. For example, when the guy says he’s prepared and all he has is juice boxes and a princess wand. But even with all the cute cartoon-ish moments, the story plot is very well thought out and has some great teaching moments. Dora goes from being a loner to understanding the benefits of having friends. And the fact she befriends people who are hard to befriend, makes it even better.

So to me, this movie is great to see. Whether you’re like me and just need a movie to get a few laughs, or if you have kids and want to show them a good PG flick, this is a great choice.