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Dragon’s Don’t Love, book review

I actually discovered this book first, but decided to read book 1 in the series first. Sadly, the writing style deteriorated in this book. Almost to a cave-man type talk. Not sure if a new editor was hired or the characters were just being depicted as dummer than those in the first book. Either way, after reading the first book and going directly into this one, I had adjusted to the writing style and it wasn’t a problem.

My complaints from the first book follow over to this one. But thankfully the “earth realm” and characters from the other series by this author are mentioned much less in this book.

The story is even more original than in the first book. I loved the refreshing take on having a dragon take a virgin sacrifice, and the woman turns on the dragon and tries to kill him. The interaction between the two characters is priceless as it’s obvious she is incapable of harming the dragon, and his amused reaction to her attempts. I loved how instead of being upset at her, he embraces her attitude and teaches her to how to be a better warrior.

Again, as with the first book, I wish this story was more appropriate to children because I know it would be hugely popular. As it is, I can only recommend it to adults who enjoy reading about dragons and are interested in an erotica twist.

Dragons Don’t Love by D’Elen McClain