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It Follows, movie review

I always judge horror movies lightly, no matter how good they are, they are never going to be as good as a drama. “It Follows” has received nothing but complementary reviews, so I figured it would be worth seeing.

I have to say, I missed the bandwagon on this movie. I thought it was boring, slow and predictable. The acting was about where it is for a horror movie, cheesy and exaggerated. The music gives away the upcoming scary scenes. The time-era for this movie is impossible to pin down, which left me distracted. I mean, I was bored, so I had nothing better to do than try to figure out what era the electronics were from. You have analog televisions playing black and white movies, contrasted with this clam shell ebook. And people dressed with styles from all over the place.

The main plot follows a young girl. She has sex with her boyfriend, who then tells her he has a monster following him. And by having sex with her, he has now passed the monster to her. Only way for her to get rid of it, is by having sex with someone. The monster wants to kill you, if it kills the person above you in the sex chain, it then defaults back to you.

Now this big bad scary monster can only walk, at a grandma pace, to find you. And normal rules of physics apply to it. If you shut a door in its path, it’s stuck, it can’t walk through a door, nor is it super strong to break the door down.

So I’m sitting there like, umm, get a mobile home and travel the world, problem solved. Better yet, take a cruise. Go to Australia! Live on a boat home, I mean there are so many possibilities. Avoiding this monster is so easy. To be practical, I’ll probably get a job two hours away, then while I’m at work, it’s walking to there. Giving me time to sleep when I get home, I mean, this riddle is so easy to solve. I can drive, it has to walk, sooo easy.

Now if you went the sex route, what about having a big orgy? If I have sex with six people at the same time, which one does the monster pick to follow? Oh yeah, monster gonna be so confused. There’s only one of it, but now there’s six people all at the same location on the hit list.

Now to make it even more fun, the only person who can see it is the person it’s hunting, or other people in the sex chain. But again, physics apply, so if you throw a blanket on it, suddenly you have a floating blanket. I mean, you have an invisible man following you!! I’d trap that puppy and start a magic show!!

I left the theater, not afraid or creeped out… instead I kinda wish I could join the sex chain.

DUFF movie and book review/comparison

After watching the movie DUFF. I discovered there was a book! I immediately downloaded and read the entire book in one setting. Sadly, the main aspect I liked from the movie, was not in the book. I liked how in the movie, Bianca and Wesley were in the same social class. They were next door neighbors who used to play together as kids. But now they’d grown up and grown apart. The movie is about them falling back into their friendship and finding out that they mean more to each other than they want to admit. It’s the age old story of falling in love with your best friend.

In the book, not so much. Wesley is an outrageously super rich kid, who fills the void of his absent parents with girls. Super hot, super rich, every girls wants him, it’s a bit too much. In the movie, the kid is made an equal, he even has faults, he’s shown as failing one of his classes. No mention of school troubles are shown in the book. He’s basically perfect in every way, except all the sex he enjoys having. And even that is a plus, cause that is exactly what Bianca, the DUFF, ends up wanting.

In the movie, her parents are already divorced and she has a stable home life. In the book, the break-up is just starting. Her father falls off the wagon and begins drinking. And Bianca has issues with a past boyfriend. All problems she wants to forget about. What better way to do that, than having sex with the hottest boy in school? And it’s what he does, he sleeps with girls to fill his own void. It’s a perfect match up.
In the movie, that is not the theme. There is not nearly as much sex, I mean, this book had more than most eroticas I’ve read. Which shocked me since this is a book targeted at teenagers.

There is a nice moral to it all. In the end, Bianca stops judging people and learns that everyone is a DUFF in some way. No one is good at everything. And she attempts to make her relationship with Wesley more healthy, not sure that will happen, but the reader can make their own conclusions.

Movie comments:

This movie was entertaining, but not entirely what I was expecting. The main plot wasn’t as original as I was hoping. Basically, smart girl needs dating and social advice, jock is failing science and needs tutoring, so the two team up and end up falling for each other.

Some aspects of the movie were unbelievable, but a lot of comedies are going in that direction these days. There was one scene, a montage of trying on clothes in a mall, that was almost painful to watch. I was desperately hoping it would end soon, because you felt uncomfortable watching it. (the girl is making out with a mannequin and they just take it too far) And of course, a video of that scene was then sent to the entire school, so you got to watch bits of the incident for the entire movie.

Overall I did enjoy the movie. There were some original lines of dialogue and the acting was spot on. The chemistry between the two main leads made up for what could have been a boring predictable plot. If the movie hadn’t included so much weirdness, I would have rated it up there with “She’s All that” (1999). The story and lessons the characters learn are very similar.

It’s not as family friendly as I was expecting. There are some cuss words, but nothing you won’t hear on television. There are a lot of penis and boob talk, for comedic factor, which may not be appropriate for all.

If you are looking for a comedy, that has a bit of weird humor in it, and a happy ending, then I’d suggest seeing it.