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Movie Review on “Nebraska”

When the Oscar nominations come out, my interest is always peaked and I’ll usually pick a few of the winners and nominated films to watch. This year was no different. Nebraska was the first on my Oscar list to watch.
Now being from Nebraska myself, I intended to watch this film regardless. It just wasn’t in the movie theaters near me for very long. So I had to wait for the DVD. Sadly this means by the time I was settling down to watch the film… I’d already heard a lot of reviews that the movie now had to live up too.
I can tell a lot of effort went into the black and white effect and they did a very good job at it. This movie was focused on subliminal messages. You could tell every angle was well thought. And this careful attention to detail followed through to the dialog and expressions on each actor.
The plot, very simplistic, but that didn’t matter, sometimes a plot doesn’t need to be gripping to be good. The closest movie I can compare it to would be “About Schmidt” from 2002. Same slow paced, heartwarming story about an elderly man and his quest across the midlands.
Now I may be judging the movie harshly because of the all the hype I heard about it before I saw it. But to me… this movie was more something that should have been aired on the Hallmark Channel. The only difference between “Nebraska” and the regular Hallmark Channel movies… was the budget. You could tell that since they had a bigger budget and some big names, they were able to produce the movie in a higher quality.
So if you like the heartwarming stories, like “About Schmidt” or “Old Yeller” then sure, go see it. If the plot gets boring for you, there are quite a few good lines that you are bound to laugh at. And overall the Cinematology is amazing.
I will admit it took me a moment to place the actor Will Forte. Once I did… I was blow away. I was such a huge fan of his role from SNL as MacGruber. It was nice to see that he is a well-rounded actor, capable of playing both comedy and drama roles.